How big is the needle for a belly button piercing

how big is the needle for a belly button piercing

belly button pierced? does it hurt? how big is the needle? will it bleed? gets infected easily?

Aug 03,  · loveblack. 1 decade ago. do NOT listen to U Wish 2 Be Me, i have no idea where the heck that answer came from, but lemme tell you this, 20g, is the size used for ear piercings, bellybutton. May 14,  · Given this range of sizes, how big is a belly button piercing needle? Most navel jewelry are 14 or 16 gauge in size. To have it easy choosing jewelry, it is important to get pierced using a needle of either size. Piercing needles should be hollow to provide for a less painful method of getting the jewelry into the piercing. Where a piercing.

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My mate was thinking of piercingher own belly button with a proffesional kit, what size gauge needle should she use to pierce with? If the gauge is too thin, there's a big risk of the cheese-cutter effect. I don't know where the first answerer pulled 20g out of.

I've peirced navels before so please make sure you know what you're doing and use the professional kit. She would wear just normal belly bars?? Answer Save. Paigeybear Lv 7. This Site Might Help You. RE: What gauge size needle should i use for a belly piercing?

Source s : moi ; and as i've said before, most of my friends have crazy piercings incluldein a bellybutton piercing. Emily Lv 4. What do you think of what does the bible say about witchcraft and magic answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. You could use a 16g and stretch it later. Source s : I have my nose, eyebrow, monroe and lip pierced used to have bellybutton. You want to use the smallest gauge.

I would go with at least a 20 gauge needle. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.


Aug 02,  · The needle is probably going to be 14g, which isn't much bigger than pencil lead in a #2 pencil. A needle is being stuck through one part of your skin . Belly buttons are typically pierced with 12 gauge jewelry, which is around 2 mm in diameter. This is much larger than the jewelry used in a typical ear piercing, which is 1 mm or less in diameter. It’s better to have a thicker piece of jewelry because it will make the piercing sturdier and more resistant to . Dec 21,  · For a traditional belly button piercing, they’ll mark the true center above your navel. After the placement is confirmed, the piercer will use a hollow needle to create a hole in the designated.

Professional piercers know how to pierce your belly button best. We look at the piercing process to familiarize you with what to expect and experiences when getting your belly pierced. We also delve into different ways of ensuring bleeding is minimal, getting re-pierced and factors to consider when choosing a piercing needle. A belly button piercing is done on the rim of the navel with a needle.

Once the piercing is done, a curved bar is inserted into the hole that has been made and a ball screwed to its end. Belly button piercings require special care to heal. The piercing must be cleaned regularly and kept dry at all times.

Beginners in the art of piercing normally wonder how to pierce the belly button. This process takes a very short time. However, the preparation will take some efforts if all is to go well. Proper preparation is necessary if the healing process is to be accelerated whether you are getting it done at a piercing studio or at home. Failure to do this will lead to prolonged healing durations and infections at times. The piercing procedure is best done by a professional piercer.

Settle for someone who is registered with the association of professional piercers in your region. Before getting the piercing done, there are a few precautions you ought to put into place. These will ensure that nothing goes wrong. Before we look at how to pierce your belly button, here are a few things you need to know. Once you are ready to get the piercing, set an appointment with your piercer.

Discussed below is a step by step guide on what to expect on how to get your belly button pierced, these apply when doing it on your own or when it is a piercer doing it. In case you are looking for ways on how to pierce your own belly button , it is important for you to note that people who try to do the piercing on themselves often get undesired consequences.

It is almost impossible to do it at home without hurting yourself and you are likely to experience undesirable pain, inflammation and infection. Where it is done close to the skin surface it may result in rejection and migration while too deep a piercing may result in longer healing periods. Instead of getting it done at home, treat the piercing as some sought of surgery that could only be done by a professional. This way, you will only be left with the responsibility of the belly button piercing aftercare.

In case this does not sound like what you want and you are still determined to do the piercing by yourself , ensure that you conduct the procedure in a hygienic place.

Your equipment should also be right and sterile. To conduct the piercing without pain and make sure it is not distorted make proper use of a mirror. Use standard body piercing equipment. In case you are doing it without a kit , ensure that you have the essential equipment. You can purchase these in pieces for your personal use.

Never try to pierce your navel with an earring or with a gun. Other crazy things that people use while piercing the navel at home ad which should be avoided include conducting the process with a sewing needle or with a safety pin.

While these will pass through the skin, they will cause skin to retract. There is also a possibility of getting infections from using such equipment. Once all set, follow this guide on how to pierce your belly button step by step. Before getting a belly button pierced, you should make sure that the piercer explains clearly to you what the risks involved are. Generally, persons who wish to get a belly button piercing before they get to 16 years of age will be required to take a parent or guardian with them.

This is necessary because you will be required to sign a consent form. At what age can you make this decision for your kid? Although some will get it as early as at 10 years old , you may want to scrutinize if your kid is ready enough to take the responsibility of caring for the piercing. At this tender age, the kid is playful and may be careless. The piercing pain could also be unbearable for them. Evaluate your options and see if you can wait a little bit longer or if you should go ahead with the process depending on what you know about your kid.

By the time your kids get to teenage at 13 and at 14 , they will have started falling in love with things they can associate with. This could include body modification part of which belly button piercings are. While some parents may be reluctant in giving consent for the same, teenagers are a determined lot.

You may want to talk to your daughter on the responsibility that comes with the piercing. Sit them down and reason with them. Find out if they want to do it out of peer pressure or love for the piercing. Depending on your evaluation of the situation, you may grant them permission to have it pierced.

Remember failing to grant them permission may make them want to defy and do it their way. This could have them getting the piercing from unprofessional piercers who only mind the money and not parental consent.

For some people, the piercing is meant to celebrate some milestone. Most women will get a belly button piercing after weight related accomplishments. It is not a wonder then that you may be tempted to get one after a tummy tuck. For any piercer to agree to the piercing, the area around must have enough amount of skin for the piercing to go through. Doctors recommend that you wait at least two months after the surgery before considering a piercing. Your personal surgeon should be in a position to advice against or for the piercing depending on your post operation progress in the healing process.

The longer you wait before getting pierced the lesser the complications you are likely to get and the faster the healing process for the piercing will be. When getting the piercing, you will need to ensure that the right jewelry is used. The piercing also ought to be done by a professional or else you will have to get it done for a second time if it appears crooked.

This can be quite painful. Since belly button piercings are meant to be seen, you may consider getting it done during the winter or spring so it can be healed in summer. This comes with the advantage of allowing you to go swimming as well as avoid infections that may be brought about by sweat accumulating around the piercing.

Heat also accelerates bacterial growth which can be counterproductive to the healing process. When done early enough, chances of getting the piercing twice as a result of infections during the summer are eliminated.

A common question concerning piercings normally is; can you re-pierce your belly button? Some people also love to know if a re-piercing hurts more than the initial piercing. If for some reason you are not satisfied by your current piercing, you can have a re-piercing. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing so though. With the piercing going through the scar, you are likely to experience more pain. Also be aware that it is important to take care of the initial hole as you let it close up awaiting a re-piercing.

Continue caring for it by cleaning it up as it closes. This will help make sure that not too much scarring occurs as this could outshine the current piercing. Once you get your piercing done once more, be certain to take care of the second piercing.

Be committed to the after-care to ensure that the healing process takes place smoothly. In case you removed the jewelry as a result of rejection, there is a possibility of a re-piercing as well. Before you proceed, establish what the causes of the rejection were. Also ensure that there is no keloid formed after rejection. It all is okay, go for it and ensure it is done by a professional. At times, you may be forced to remove your piercing when pregnant. Some medical procedures may also not allow you to undergo them with the ring in leading to the closure of the hole.

Where this is the case, you can get a re-piercing after pregnancy. Just be sure to wait for at least two months postpartum before undergoing the process. Before you get your navel re-pierced, your piercer will observe the area and determine if it is fit to be pierced once more. If it is not, they will let you know.

This is more so where they foresee complications. If you qualify, they will examine the already healed area to determine whether the second piercing will be done in the same point thus go through tissue scar or if it will be done beneath it. In most cases, where the piercing is being done after it is rejected , the piercer will opt to pierce beneath the initial one.

Belly button piercing kits contain everything necessary to conduct a body piercing. This is something that any piercer needs to get started. Piercing kits will include sterile standard navel piercing needles, a clamp, belly jewelry, alcohol prep pads, a pair of latex gloves and a body marker. If you are looking for a self belly button piercing kits , you can opt for one that also comes with paper towels, surface disinfectant, antibacterial soap and rubbing alcohol.

These come with free shipping in some areas. You can visit the websites to see if you are among the target areas for free delivery as you compare the prices so you can decide where to buy your kit. A piercing needle is the single most important tool in the whole process. Without a belly button piercing needle, the process may be tedious and fail to turn out as expected. The best piercing needles should be laser sharpened for maximum effectiveness. This will ensure that they are smooth enough to carry out the piercing without harming the skin.

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