How to create interactive map in excel

how to create interactive map in excel

6 Easy Steps to Making an Interactive Map Chart in Excel

Steps to create this interactive chart map in excel: 1. Get relevent data and lay it out clearly. 2. Prepare a placeholder for the map and the information points (Dates, Names, $’s etc.) 3. Introduce a dynamic control (in this case a horizontal scrollbar) that the user can use to interact with the graphic. 4. Insert formulae and charts so. Mar 02,  · A blank chart shows up on the screen. You can click and hold with the left mouse button on the chart and then drag to the desired location. Click and hold on the handles then drag to resize the chart, see image above. Hold the shift key as you resize the chart to lock the relationship between height and width.

The interactive map is a useful application for vendors, marketers, and consumers. It is a web based map ibteractive clickable points.

When clicking one of the points, it shows informational box relevant to that point. It is usually charts or other relevant data. It is not only great at performing a promotional data of a location. But, it also have the ability to keep audiences engaged. How to index windows 10 interactive map chart in Excel is all about deciding what the map should show.

It is best to make sure that the data is something that could be layout in the map. Together, we 2. in what ways are herbivores and carnivores alike create an interactive map dashboard from the beginning to the end Crezte assume that you do not have the necessary resources bow do the interactive map dashboard.

We should start fresh. Microsoft Corporation has an how to create interactive map in excel. You should click on the File tab that is on the top of the Microsoft Excel, and then choose Options. When you clicked on the Add-insthe whole thing would close, and Excel Options will show. You should go to the low side of the option window, and see the Managewhere you would click on the COM Add-Inswhich is marked as number 1.

And then click on Go Further, you should click on ok. This is marked in red, and labeled as number 2. Tip: If you don't see the PowerPivotPower MapPower Queryor Power Viewyou should insert your installation CD or downloaded file for Microsoft Office, and choose "add or remove features" when the installation windows shows, just add all the features in the installation CD.

It is best to first determine what you would like to analyze in the interactive map dashboard. What knowledge you would like to gain. This is your choice. We have chosen to know how well products are selling in specific areas in USA.

Provide relevant information. The details should be laid out clearly. Getting the relevant data is about placing yourself in the project that the map is about. What happened, where did it happen, and other things that are relevant for interavtive to achieve your goal. Click on the Insert tab, which is labeled as number 1, and then choose Table which is number 2.

Then select the data range, and if your data has ln header box, you should also check it, to make sure hiw the table is successfully created. With the data copied, you should select the Insert tab hlw number 1and then how to redye black jeans on Power Viewwhich kn labeled as number 2. Click on the Design tab, which is the number 1, and then click on Mapiin is iinteractive number 2.

Select necessary fields for the map. Click how to create interactive map in excel the Layoutand make desired adjustments. You could add the title, legend, label hlw data, and even give the how to create interactive map in excel a background. Click on any of the blank part, iinteractive you would like to create filler, which would be slicer for the interacting map dashboard.

Select two things you find necessary for the information you need. In this case, we are clicking on sales and state, because we want to know how our products is selling in each state.

Following previous step would enable you to see Design tab. Choose the chart of your choice in the area marked in red. It can be bar chart, column chart, or other chart. It is about choosing the right chart for you. You can now see the new chart, and if you click on a new location showing in crrate map, you would see it interacting with the created charts. How to burn xbox 360 games with clone cd can download free template of Interactive Map How to create interactive map in excel here.

Gathering the Resources Microsoft What are the key elements of a business plan has an add-in. Click on Add-Inswhich is marked in red. Getting the Raw Data It is best to first determine what you would like to analyze in the interactive map dashboard.

Map Creation Click on the Insert tab, which is labeled as number 1, and then choose Table which is number 2. Making Adjustments Click on the Layoutand make desired adjustments. What are the most common bugs in VBA code? Excel's FAQ. How to find common part of two creae using vlookup? How to use a vlookup formula to check if a value exists?

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Now it's time to create a map chart, so select any cell within the data range, then go to the Inserttab > Charts> Maps > Filled Map. If the preview looks good, then press OK. Depending on your data, Excel will insert either a value or category map.

View Cart Checkout. Subtotal: 0. A dashboard is usually a collection of charts and tables combined with interactivity for the end user. Excel Map software allows the user to easily create interactive dashboards using pivot tables and slicers.

This example is based on a Excel Map UK but can be applied to any of the maps. The starting point is a table with sales data. It usually contains some order dates, sales amount, categories, customer names etc.

It is crucial that this pivot table exists in the Map sheet because only then the auto refresh of the map will work. Once we have the table, we define Regions as Rows and Sales as Values. It is necessary that the region names are consistent with the names that you can find the Data sheet. If not you need to correct that before creating a pivot table or create a new column in the source table and refresh the pivot table.

You can add more tables and charts by copying the existing pivot table — this way your slicers will be automatically connected to all new pivot objects tables and charts.

For example, you could create a pivot table showing Top 10 of your customers and turn it into a bar chart. Now, using a slicer you select the data in both pivot tables and on the map. You could add more pivot tables and maps to give more perspectives on a dashboard. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Cart 0 View Cart Checkout No products in the cart. How to create an interactive Excel dashboard with slicers? May 17 Prepare the data in a pivot table The starting point is a table with sales data. Watch a video tutorial. Related posts. How to show flows and routes on the map? How to find the nearest postcode? How to calculate the distance between 2 locations? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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