How to disassemble an ar-15

how to disassemble an ar-15

How to Disassemble an Ar-15

Jun 27,  · Learn AR disassembly – how to field-strip and completely disassemble your AR and get it all back together again – for routine and advanced cleaning, maintenance and repair. The basic AR disassembly is field-stripping, where you take the rifle apart well enough to clean it. Cleaning is important. Have you seen the movie Major League? Pull the charging handle to the rear into its locked position, cocking the rifle, and look inside the feed chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present in the rifle. Push the charging handle forward again. The gun needs to be unloaded and cocked for proper disassembly.

The AR is a popular model assault rifle, largely manufactured for civilian use. This weapon utilizes a gas-operated, air-cooled design while firing a. The AR is a highly accurate weapon and a favorite among rifle collectors and sport shooting or competition shooting enthusiasts.

Properly disassembling or field stripping the AR is a process that is nearly identical to the MA2. Remove the magazine from the weapon by pushing on the magazine release button and sliding the magazine out simultaneously.

The magazine release button is just above the magazine on the right side of the rifle. Ensure that the weapon is in the safe position. Pull the charging handle to the rear into its locked position, cocking the rifle, and look inside the feed chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present in the rifle.

Push the charging handle forward again. The gun needs to be unloaded and cocked for proper disassembly. Locate the rear take-down pin on the left side of the rifle. Push the pin out using a small screwdriver or small pointed tool. The pin will push out slightly and stay in place with its retainer. The rifle should swing down and how to debt consolidation loans just as a shotgun would.

Pull the charging handle to the rear how to disassemble an ar-15. This will remove the bolt carrier group and the charging handle will stay in place. Slide the bolt carrier group out of the rifle. Remove the front barrel side guards by grabbing the round release ring just in front of the magazine chamber. Pull the release ring towards you and slide the hand guards off by pulling to the side.

Items you will need Small screwdriver. Step 1 Remove the magazine from the weapon by pushing on the magazine release button and sliding the magazine out simultaneously. References AR how to disassemble an ar-15 manual AR info. Always ensure that the rifle is completely unloaded before performing maintenance.

First Steps

Jul 24,  · Follow this AR disassembly slideshow to learn how to perform this essential skill the right way. This article is an excerpt from Modern Shooter Spring presented by Gun Digest. NEXT STEP: Download Your Free Storm Tactical Printable Target PackAuthor: Doug Howlett. I had a lot of new shooters and new students ask me to do video on how to take apart their AR's to clean. So here it is, very quick and pro s. Dec 04,  · This video will walk you through a step by step AR 15 disassembly. Our AR 15 Lower Di Need to completely disassemble an AR lower for cleaning or maintenance?Author: The Rogue Banshee.

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W ith the unprecedented sales of firearms during the year of , first-time gun buyers are at an all-time high! And with many of these going to first-time gun buyers, there is a lot of demand for information on to disassemble and clean them as well as care for them. Each type of firearm varies in how it is field-stripped and cleaned for routine maintenance.

This article is going to discuss the most popular semi-automatic rifle in America, the AR Follow the instructions in the manual to clear the firearm. Keeping my rifle pointed in a safe direction, I must ensure that the rifle is unloaded. If there is a magazine in the rifle, I will remove it. I will then lock the bolt carrier group open by using the charging handle to pull it back to the rear-most position, and lock it open by engaging the bolt catch.

Once it is open, I can physically and visually inspect the chamber and magazine well to ensure that there is no ammunition in the rifle.

In order to separate the upper and lower portions of the SAINT also known as the upper and lower receivers , you need to push the takedown and pivot pins from the left to the right side of the gun, to the point where they stop.

You can now separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver. At this point, you can set aside the upper receiver, and focus cleaning the lower receiver. I like to also put a few drops of oil on the springs once cleaned. I will use a red shop rag for wiping down the exterior of the lower, and into the magazine well to remove any light dust.

I will also clean the buffer and buffer spring, along with the interior of the receiver extension aka buffer tube about every four to five cleanings. The face of the buffer will have some oily residue on it, and I will wipe this off and put a light amount of oil or grease on it every time I clean my SAINT. I will now move onto the upper receiver. I unlock the charging handle and pull it along with the bolt carrier group out the back.

Once out, I will remove the firing pin retaining pin, which allows me to remove the firing pin, the bolt cam pin and the bolt. These parts are usually pretty dirty, and I really focus my attention on them.

I like to use a small Mstyle brush. They are made for cleaning guns and are basically a toothbrush, but have a small, short section of bristles on the opposite end, which are great for getting into small areas. Using this brush along with a gun solvent, I brush the entire bolt, carrier, cam pin, firing pin and firing pin retaining pin, as there will be a lot of fouling on them. The easiest way to remove the dirty solvent from the bolt carrier parts is using one of the gun scrubber-type of cleaners.

There are many on the market and they work as advertised. From here I move onto cleaning the bore. I do like to use a bore guide when I clean the bore of the rifle. Its not necessary, just a nice to have. I will run a couple of solvent-soaked patches through the barrel with an appropriately sized cleaning rod. When pushing the patches through the barrel, make sure you get all the way through the bore and remove the oil-soaked dirty patch. I like to do this a few times, and then I will run a correct-sized bronze bore brush thru the bore about 10 to 20 times.

Once this is complete, I will run a few more solvent-soaked patches through the bore. You will notice that the first three to four wet patches will be very dirty.

Once the wet patches are not dirty, I will run three to five dry patches through the bore. Once those are clean, I will run one patch with gun oil through the bore, and then one more dry patch to remove any excess oil in the bore. Live The Armory Life. The latest content straight to your inbox plus an automatic entry to each of our monthly gun giveaways! At this point the bore is clean, and I will clean the chamber of any excess fouling or oil.

I will then use patches and Q-tips to remove the fouling. You can find AR-specific chamber swabs that make this process really simple. The last area that needs to be cleaned is the one where the charging handles moves in the upper receiver. This area where the gas tube protrudes will usually be quite dirty with carbon fouling from where the gas tube and gas key on the carrier intersect. Q-tips and solvent are the best for this in my opinion. The last thing I do is to use a red shop rag to wipe off the exterior of the upper receiver.

Prior to re-assembling your rifle, it needs to be lubricated. I like to use a light oil on all the parts where there is metal-to-metal contact.

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