How to do fake magic

how to do fake magic

Oct 28,  · Subscribe Here: Things To Do When You Are Bored: you like ever. Apr 11,  · Pulling off a Few Simple Beginner Tricks 1. Make a quarter vanish into thin air. Place a quarter in the palm of your dominant hand and tell your audience that 2. Bend and re-straighten any spoon instantly. Hold the spoon upside down with the head pressed against a table or 3. Make a .

To create this article, 57 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Impress your friends with these amazing magic tricks. All you need is an audience, a pair of hands, and sometimes a little practice beforehand.

Once you've got these tricks down, you can perform them at a moment's notice whenever anyone asks, "Can co do any magic tricks? To do magic tricks without any equipment, try summoning an invisible bubble for a friend or family member.

Start by asking yo person to hold their hands close together as if they were going to clap. Then, ask the person to push their hands into your hands. As they push, keep your hands as still as possible so they have to really push.

For added effect, chant some magical words while you keep pushing xo about 60 seconds. Since they've pushed for so long, they should still feel a sensation of pushing even after you release their hands. To learn how to levitate, keep reading! Did this summary help you?

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Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Article Summary. Author Info Last Updated: April 1, Method 1 of Choose an assistant. Ask a volunteer from the audience to come with you to another room so you can "form a psychic connection. Tell the assistant about your plan.

In this trick, fakd called Black Magicyou'll point at objects in the room, and the maggic how to do fake magic say whether or not it's the object you are thinking of.

They should keep answering what makes an award winning book then answer "No" again when you point to a black-colored magif. The next object you point to after that will be the correct one, and they will answer "Yes. Return to the audience alone.

Ask the assistant to wait how to do fake magic a separate room, where he can't hear the audience. Return to your audience and tell them tp have cast a spell on the assistant, so he can read my mind. I'll prove it to you with this magic trick. Ask the audience to pick an object. Ask an audience member to name any object in the faks. Point to it, and say, "Now my yow will read my mind and tell nagic which object you chose.

Have mwgic audience bring the assistant back. Send out at least two or three people in the audience to bring back the assistant. How to do fake magic way, no one will think you are sending someone to cheat and tell the assistant what to pick. If you want, you can make a big show of "transmitting a psychic message" by staring at the di and holding your fingers against the side of your head. Point to a few wrong objects. The assistant should say "No," as you agreed on. Point to a black object.

Point to another wrong object, but one that is colored black. Say "Is this what I am thinking of? Point to the correct object. Smile and bow to the audience. Repeat if the audience is excited.

If the audience is trying to guess how it's ffake, send the assistant out of the room again, pick another object, and repeat. Distract the audience from how to open mtd files real code by pretending to use silly faces, gestures, or different ways of asking the question as a code.

Do the trick two or three times, then stop so the audience doesn't guess your secret. You can also talk to your assistant again and come up fale a different uow for next time. For instance, ask him to say "Yes" for the fifth thing you point to. Method 2 of Ask the audience to follow along with you. As you do this trick, ask how to do fake magic audience to copy what causes a metallic taste hand motions.

Do each hoow slowly, and explain to the audience what you're tk. You'll actually be doing one extra step you aren't telling them about. The audience will end up with tangled hands and arms, while you will be showing them two thumbs up. Point your thumbs down in front of you. Hold your arms out in front of you, and point both thumbs downward.

Remember, tell your audience to do the same thing you do. Wait until everyone has made this hand motion before you keep going. Cross your arms and clasp your hands together. Move one arm over the other, still with both thumbs pointed downward. Clasp the fingers on your left hand and right hand together. Your wrists — and the wrists of your audience members — are now twisted around each other, with your fingers interlocking.

Let go with one hand to point at someone. As your audience figures out how to do fake magic to copy hoow, keep talking to them to distract them from what you're doing. Say, "not like that, cross your arms like me. Remember, your thumbs are pointing downward and you're holding your hands together.

Look at her, she's doing it right. Rotate how to keep a good woman arm and clasp your what is reflexology used for again.

Quickly, while the audience is still looking where you pointed, turn over the hand you pointed with. Flip that hand over completely, so your palms are touching again, then grasp your hands dp. This will look similar to the position hoe audience members are in, but it is much less twisted. If you're trying to practice this and don't understand it, stop and put both hands in front of you with the thumbs facing up.

Clasp your hands together, then turn them so the thumbs are pointing down. This maigc the position you want to end up in after magiv step. Keep talking and looking at your audience while you do this, not at your hands. Rotate your hands. Tell your audience to copy you, so everyone will give each other thumbs up.

Move your hands up toward your chest, turning your hands so your thumbs are facing up. The audience will try to copy you, but because they're in a different position, they'll end up with their hands twisted, their arms still crossed, or other tangled gestures.

Pretend to get irritated and repeat. Tell them they must be doing it wrong, and repeat the trick from the beginning. You can usually do this several times, while the audience laughs and wonders why they can't get it right. Use different distraction methods each how to do fake magic, so the audience doesn't vake suspicious: Pull your hands apart to hold an audience member's hands, and guide them in the "right" position.

Clasp your hands together again in the fake position only you know. Wave your hands around while clasped, shout "Abracadabra" or other "magic words," then spin around while changing the position of your hand. Method 3 of Use this for one person. You can use a single volunteer from a large audience, but only one person will really feel the strange effect this magic trick results in.

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Learn more Many magicians devote their entire lives to mastering the art of illusion, but you don't have to go to such great lengths to impress your friends and family.

With the right know-how and a little practice, you can easily learn to perform a number of jaw-dropping tricks that are guaranteed to leave onlookers in awe! Start by perfecting a few simple beginner tricks, like making a pencil float in the palm of your hand or passing a cup through a solid tabletop. You can then work your way up to more difficult tricks, such as rubbing a coin into your skin and making yourself levitate, to keep your audience spellbound. Tip: Slip into a pair of flat-soled shoes with thick, chunky heels.

These will do a better job of hiding the angle of your support foot than more flexible footwear, which may leave your arch visible. Alternative: Use your rubbing hand to covertly slide the coin off of the table and into your lap while making it look like you're picking it up. To learn magic, start out with these two easy tricks: First, try making a coin disappear. First, show them the coin to prove that it isn't fake.

This step is really important, so act embarrassed like you didn't mean to drop the coin. Reach down with both hands to pick up the coin, but secretly use the hand you originally tucked under your chin to pick it up. Tuck that hand under your chin again and continue rubbing your other hand into your elbow for a few seconds.

After a while, open your hand and reveal that the coin is gone! Second, try making a coin disappear and reappear using props. First, gather your materials. You will need a wine glass, a coin, a cloth, 2 sheets of construction paper of the same color, scissors, a pencil, and a glue stick. Next, carefully trace the mouth of the wine glass over one piece of construction paper.

Neatly cut out the circle. Line a small amount of glue around the mouth of the glass and gently secure the cut out circle on top, trying to line up the edges perfectly. After the glue dries, set up your magic trick! Place the coin and wine glass upside down on top of the other piece of construction paper. Now, you are ready to perform the magic trick. Begin by covering the entire glass with the cloth. Then, pick up the glass and set in on top of the coin.

Remove the cloth, and the coin has disappeared! Then, make the coin reappear by covering the glass with the cloth again. Lift the glass together with the cloth and the coin has reappeared!

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Method 1 of Make a quarter vanish into thin air. Place a quarter in the palm of your dominant hand and tell your audience that you're going to make it disappear. Make sure it's resting right in the center of your middle and ring fingers—this will allow you to secretly cup the edges using your index and pinky fingers.

Quickly pass your dominant hand over your opposite hand as though you've transferred the quarter, then let your dominant hand, which is still palming the coin, fall to your side.

Open your empty hand and savor the look on your audience's faces as they try to figure out where the quarter went! The disappearing quarter is one of the oldest tricks in the book, which means many people already know how it's done. If you really want to impress them, you may need to pull out a lesser-known trick. Bend and re-straighten any spoon instantly. Hold the spoon upside down with the head pressed against a table or similar surface and act like you're gripping the handle firmly in both fists.

Instead of actually wrapping your hands around the spoon, loop the pinky finger of your bottom hand around the point on handle directly above the head and keep the rest of your fingers poised just in front of the handle, along with your entire top hand. Push both fists down towards the tabletop as though you're bending the spoon by force while slowly lowering the handle to a horizontal angle.

Finish the trick by quickly reversing the motion and magically restoring the spoon to its original shape. Be sure to sit or stand head-on to your audience when performing this trick. If someone is watching from the side, they may be able to see what you're doing. Make a pencil float in the palm of your hand. This one is as easy as can be—just clutch a pencil in one fist with the back of your hand facing the audience, then grab your wrist with your opposite hand like you're bracing yourself for a great effort.

Without attracting attention, slowly outstretch the pointer finger of your support hand and use it to pin the pencil to your palm as you open your fist. When done correctly, it will look like the pencil is hovering in front of your hand. Pass an ordinary piece of paper around your body. Bet your skeptical audience that you can cut a hole in a normal piece of typing paper large enough to step through.

Fold the paper in half widthwise and cut a series of strips through the folded edge every 2 in 5. Then, rotate the paper degrees and cut along the midline of each strip you just cut from the opposite side, again stopping just short of the far edge. Finally, cut through each folded crease individually and open up the paper to reveal an impossibly-large paper portal that you can slip right through. If you do, you'll end up losing your own bet!

Though it may seem like genuine magic, this trick has a simple explanation: cutting the strips in such a careful way rearranges the surface area of the paper so that it's essentially one big outline. Place the cup upside down over the ball, then mold the paper around the cup so that it covers it completely. Pick up the paper-covered cup to give your audience one last look at the ball. As you do, drop the cup into your lap inconspicuously and cradle it between your thighs.

Put the cup-shaped paper shell back over the ball and give it a smack. Remove the cloak to show that the ball is still there, but the cup has rematerialized beneath the table. I think I hit it a little too hard.

The ball is still here, but the cup went right through! Spin a straw around the top of a bottle using only your mind. While no one is watching, take a paper-wrapped straw and rub your hand up and down its length a few times to generate static electricity. Be careful not to tear the thin paper wrapper. When you're ready to do the trick, lay the straw across the top of a bottle or another container with a narrow opening, with its center point directly over the mouth.

Raise your hands over the ends of the straw and wave them forward and backward in a mystical manner. The static charge will cause it to rotate without you ever actually touching it.

Keep your hands close to the straw at all times. If they get too far away, the charge will be too faint to continue moving it. If possible, perform the setup for this trick while your audience is absent or distracted such as when your dining companion excuses themselves to go to the restroom.

Method 2 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Stand at a slight angle with your back to your audience. As casually as possible, make your way into a roughly diagonal stance with the heels of your feet pointed towards the audience and your toes pointed away from them.

Place both feet flat on the ground, side-by-side. This will make it appear like you ended up in your stance by chance. This trick works best when performed in front of a stationary audience, who won't be able to move around to get a better look at your feet. Caution your onlookers that levitating is an extremely difficult skill.

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