How to help street children in india

how to help street children in india

4 Things to Know Before You Volunteer with Street Children in India

In India, we work at major railway stations where our outreach workers race to reach vulnerable children as soon as they arrive on the platform and intervene before an abuser can. We provide food, shelter, safety and support, but our work doesn’t stop there. We make sure things change so children never go back to the streets. Our Results for Children in India. Thanks to giving people like you, our work for children in India is making a difference – including for the over , children in India we reached last year. This includes helping greatly reduce child mortality and stunting, as well as child labor, child .

The children of India are in high need as they consistently get lost in the continuously developing, indiia densely populated country. With a colorfully he,p culture, composed of over one billion people, India is the second most populous country in the world.

Despite the nation's fast sstreet growth, more than a quarter of the population earns very how to help street children in india. The high frequency of less than livable incomes results in long-standing, challenging socio-economic issues, such as poverty, malnutrition, poor health care, and often child trafficking.

Poverty is rampant throughout the nation, especially apparent in large slums areas and affecting children most greatly. With a limited amount of financial resources leading to an inability to provide enough food and other needs for the family, parents will often seek out any type of work to support the family, leaving older children no matter the age to look after their younger siblings.

It is not an unusual sight in schools, to see children bringing their younger siblings along for the day. Although, most children given full responsibility of their younger siblings end up dropping out of school so they can care for them at home while their parents work. There are also a great number of street children and even whole families in metro areas, like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Childten on the streets is of course streef dangerous for children because it puts them at a higher risk of abuse and unfortunate accidents that are often fatal.

The build up of societal issues in India open up many volunteer opportunities for international participantsleading India to become one of the top destinations for students, couples, and even families to volunteer abroad. How to help street children in india with your children enables you to teach your children values, like thankfulness, and help them become a more understanding, open minded person.

You can teach your children to grow emotionally through the challenges they encounter and strengthen your relationship with them, while helping them become more responsible. Orphanages serve as a haven for street children in India and those who have lost their homes.

One of the worst, yet often prevalent, challenges for children orphaned on the streets is extreme hunger, which usually results in stealing food how to download crackle on my wii enduring mental, emotional, and even sexual choldren to fulfill the need for nourishment.

Streey children left orphaned on the street die of starvation or the consequences which come along with desperate hunger. Thanks to many NGOs and non-profit organizations, reaching out to these destitute children, a good number of children have been given the opportunity to transition into shelters and orphanages, which provide shelter, food, the ability to become literate, and various other basic needs.

At orphanages, volunteers can lend a hand in basic child care activitiesincluding feedings, bathing, dressing, dental, and basic hygienic care. But they can also create fun, esteem boosting games to help the children move forward from their streeh pasts. For children who go to school, volunteers can help them work on assignments, projects, and other school related tasks to boost their academic success.

It is not how to help street children in india for volunteers to encounter children with behavioral difficulties, due to illness, disabilities, or a general lack of parental guidance over the course of their lifetime. Most orphans grow up on the streets, and have therefore experienced a great deal of challenges, with no one to consistently take care of them.

A great deal of understanding, patience, affection, kindness, and the ability to provide individual attention is needed in orphanage work. At the end of the day, it is important to provide orphans with a safe, positive environment to live in.

Volunteers can stay with local host families or volunteer houses throughout their program duration in India. After hard, but fulfilling days of work, volunteers can take time to enjoy visiting the picturesque and fascinating places of India, such as the Taj Mahal, Charminar in Hyderabad, Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore, or Gateway of India.

Every moment of your volunteer experience, from helping underprivileged children and poverty-stricken families to enjoying India's culture and tasting the local curries, will be worth all the time spent planning the trip.

A trip to India will provide any volunteer with the opportunity to bring smiles how to help street children in india children's faces, and a meaningful travel experience packed with real cultural immersion. Now that you have the inside scoop, know where many volunteers choose to spend their time, and know common causes that volunteers are working to eradicate, it's time to choose who you want to volunteer abroad with!

Choosing a program isn't as hard as it sounds, especially if you follow these steps:. Decide where to go. Figuring out where YOU should volunteer in India is paramount. Have a short list of locations that sound ideal for your goals and skills i. Don't let the lack of braii hold you back—choose a place that's right for you. Pick your project. Do you want to work on a street child project in India?

Become an India orphanage volunteer? We outlined a few common child-related causes that international volunteers support above. Do some how to clean the pool liner on what what does rpa- c stand for and knowledge you bring to the hel;, and which project would best benefit ho your time and energy. Choose from the best volunteer abroad programs in India.

Some programs may even share contact info for ambassadors or past participants if you want the REAL dirt. Here are more considerations to make as you figure out how to choose the right volunteer program for you. How to help street children in india tip: You can use MyGoAbroad to compare programs side-by-side. Plan your finances. Sort out funding before you go to afford daily essentials and splurge on travel in addition to program costs and airfare.

Be sure to raise a little extra money to donate to the organization that you'll be working with. Learning how to fund your volunteer abroad adventure is strewt prior to your travels! Get prepared! Preparing to volunteer abroad is as fun as it sounds. With the days til departure number dwindling and your excitement boiling, it can be easy to overlook the details. Lean on us to help guide you through your pre-departure process—that's what we're here for. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies.

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Oct 10,  · Volunteer opportunities in India with children give you the chance to make a REAL difference in the lives of others. 3. Many India orphanages could benefit from extra hands. Orphanages serve as a haven for street children in India and those who have lost their homes. Imagine a street child’s daily struggles to Marilyn Villanueva. Jan 23,  · Taking A Walk Into the Lives Of India's Street Kids More than , children are believed to live on the streets of New Delhi. A walking tour Author: Corey Flintoff. I-India prioritizes homeless street children. For them we provide: repatriation to their families, temporary and permanent shelter, street schools, vocational training, nutrition, medical treatment, shower facilities, AIDS awareness and a help line.

Here are five impactful ways to make a difference in their lives. BeKind SaveTheChildren. W ill the kid use money to indulge in drugs? Such thoughts have always stopped me and, most probably many of you, from giving money to a child beggar. Across India, children usually beg for money for their masters or parents who then spend it on alcohol, illegal substances, but never on the kids who got the money in the first place.

Many times, in the course of a day, I wish we do try to do something for the kids who have nothing. Pondering over ways to lend a helping hand to those forgotten children who rarely get help but deserve it the most, I came across the many ways in which people are doing the needful without involving money. Read on to find out how you and I can touch the lives of the street children:.

You do not need a physical classroom to teach children. All you need is a will and a touch of kindness. Do not believe me? Meet year-old Haimanti Sen from Mumbai who is using the Kandivali Station skywalk to teach underprivileged children from a nearby basti slums for free.

Likewise, Sushil Kumar Meena , a railway engineer from Uttar Pradesh, is the reason behind 3, underprivileged children getting free education across UP, Bihar and Rajasthan. From a make-shift tin-sheet structure, an open field nearing harvest, a pavement to a century-old banyan tree, Sushil and his NGO, Nirbhed Foundation have been using public places to impart education since Just like Haimanti and Sushil, you can also make an effort to teach street kids.

Start by teaching the kids of your domestic help, driver or go to a nearby slum. Wasting food is a habit that we must avoid at all cost, and yet tonnes of food is wasted daily. Next time, pack the food in a box and give it to the children living on the streets. It also has a network in Pakistan. For more details, visit the website. Santhimandiram is an institution which provides asylum for the abandoned. The institution collects food from wedding halls, hotels, and well-wishers.

Do you remember what happened to that toy car or the Barbie doll you once had? Several toys that always seemed less in number when we were kids, eventually grew into clutter. Instead of discarding them, you can pass them down to the street kids who may never get a chance to play with toys. Get together with your friends, co-workers, relatives and collect all the toys that are of no use to you and distribute it among the street kids.

Need some motivation? Meet Hirin Dave , an Ahmedabad-based web developer, who collects old toys and distributes them among underprivileged children through her initiative Give Toy Give Joy. So far, Hirin has collected more than 2, toys from around families across the city. Social media has become a powerful tool that can bring a change in society. The group has 2, active members, and they have arranged birthday parties for over children in 10 different cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune.

In another heartwarming gesture, Vimal Cherangattu crowdsourced umbrellas and Rs 40, within ten days during the monsoon. He had created a WhatsApp group with his friends and posted a PowerPoint presentation where he added a story asking people to contribute umbrellas to protect the kids from heavy rains. Like Avijit and Vimal, you can also initiate a cause, a donation drive or throw a birthday party!

Make a kit of all season-specific items, and distribute it among the street kids. For example, in summers, you can make a hamper consisting of glucose biscuits, energy drinks, and water bottles to keep children from getting dehydrated. Likewise, make a kit for the winters. We at The Better India want to showcase everything that is working in this country. By using the power of constructive journalism, we want to change India — one story at a time. If you read us, like us and want this positive news movement to grow, then do consider supporting us via the following buttons:.

Our teams put in a lot of effort to create the content you love at The Better India. We put out curated content on our Instagram account- green living hacks, green innovations, leading a no-tox life and heroes in the sustainability space. Read on to find out how you and I can touch the lives of the street children: 1 Spread Your Knowledge To Educate Them You do not need a physical classroom to teach children. Here's a free guide to a safer, cleaner home in 7 Days. Spread Positivity : Share this story with friends.

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