How to increase traffic to facebook business page

how to increase traffic to facebook business page

Building Organic Traffic With Your Facebook Business Page

February 15, 12 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page 1. Offer exclusive deals. Verbiage such as Follow us on Facebook for our best deals coupled with a Follow button can 2. Run contests (especially voting contests) to drive traffic that will engage with your page. People who. Seven tactics will help you increase traffic on Facebook and help you keep it coming. Use Attractive Photos with Your Posts. The first thing that people will see when they visit your Facebook page is going to be the photo. If it is attractive and interesting and hopefully related to your text it will draw attention to your written message and increase future traffic on your Facebook page. Remember That Its FreeAuthor: Mike Valles.

That follows bigger declines in previous years. Many businesses find that if they want their own fans to see their own content they need to buy Facebook traffic with social advertising. Your Facebook page has an About tab that lets you include a website link in the appropriate field, but there are a couple of other linking opportunities some people miss.

For example, you can include links in the Biography and Personal Information sections. To edit the About tab, log into Facebook and go to your page, then click on the tab this works if you have edit access to the page. As you scroll over how to increase traffic to facebook business page section, the Edit link will come up.

Click it to enter the editing field and edit your text. To add a URL, just type it out. Facebook Milestones are significant events in the development what is the molecular weight of glucose your business, which you can feature on your page.

To create a page milestone, click on the three dots just below your cover image, and scroll down to Create Milestone. A box will pop up. Hit Save. This is a good way to highlight important content or events, and send people to busineds site for more information.

Facebook Insights provides data on the performance of your page. That will help you decide what kind of content to create and share, maximizing your chances to get traffic from Facebook. Scroll past the overview charts, and look at Your 5 Most Recent Posts. Click on See All Posts to see reach and engagement for all your posts. This will tell you how many people saw your posts and how many reacted, clicked, commented or shared. Pay attention to post clicks, as this will tell you how many people are following links back to your site, and which posts successfully achieve this.

Try putting together a basic spreadsheet to list your most-clicked posts and the details listed above. You might be surprised at what you find! One of the secrets of success with social media content is sharing it at the right time. According to HubspotThursday to Sunday at 9am, 1pm and 3pm are the how to increase traffic to facebook business page times. You can find this information easily on How to increase traffic to facebook business page. Make a note of these, then use this information to schedule your Facebook posts for those exact times.

To do this, go to your page and create your post as usual. Then, click the arrow next to the Publish button. Click on Schedule to pop up the scheduling box.

Set the date and time when your content should appear. Click Schedule to put it into the publishing queue. While Facebook provides tips on improving page performance, these can often get lost in the wash of other notifications. There are two ways to use Likealyzer.

First, you can search for a page using the onscreen search box. A better option is to log in with Facebook, and let Likealyzer find your page. The beauty of Likealyzer is the simple recommendations for making your Facebook page even better. Not only will you learn how to drive traffic to your Facebook page, but how you can get more engagement on Facebook and traffic to your site from that page.

So how can you find out what Facebook users like so you can use that information to tweak your own content strategy and get better content what did the anishinabe wear ROI? Buzzsumo is the perfect tool to help with this.

To get the most from Buzzsumo, create a free account. Use the filters on the left to select types of content and time frames. By default, the results list is sorted by Total Engagementsbut increasw can click the Facebook Engagements link busineas see which content is most popular on Facebook.

Use this as a starting point how to spiral tie dye generating your own ideas. For example, many of the content pieces on this list are about marketing skills and trends, which suggests that if you create or share similar content, it will do well on Facebook and send traffic your way.

To use it, click on Content Research Facebook Analyzerthen type in your topic. The results appear on the same page and you can sort them by likes, comments, and pzge, depending on which metric is most important to you.

Click on the Analysis tab to get data on the best post type for your topic, the most popular post length, and the best day and time to post. Armed with this information, you can create Facebook updates that send more traffic back to your site. And one of the best ways to grow your Facebook audience is to ask the people who are already visiting your site to like your page.

OptinMonster can help you convert some of gusiness website visitors into Facebook fans. Read our guide to learn how to create a Like us on Facebook popup with OptinMonster. Research from the Content Marketing How to heal the hypothalamus gland shows that quizzes and contests are two of the most effective tools used to raise awareness about a company.

One of the how to build a small gps tracking device ways to run a Facebook contest is to ask people to like your page or comment on a post to gain entry.

This will help to build your audience, which is part of increasing traffic. And it helps to offer a prize that will really interest your Facebook fans. Alternatively, you can run a contest on your blog, and encourage people to traffiv it on Facebook and like your page busoness entries. Many people use software like RafflePress to do this, as it includes a free giveaway plugin. Using contests really works to boost engagement, which can send more people to your website.

PostPlanner runs one Facebook contest a month, and has seen an increase in page exposure, engagement, and leads as a result. See this guide to running a successful contest for more tips. You can also use Facebook quizzes and polls as traffic drivers. Facebook has a quizzes and polls app for pages that lets you quickly create this interactive content. However, a better option when thinking about t to get traffic from Facebook is to use an external app.

As Heyo explainsif you embed a quiz on your own site and encourage people to share it on Facebook, everyone who wants to complete the quiz has to come back to your site. Heyo calls this a closed-loop system. One travel company, Afaruses quizzes as part of its hoe. And the latest trend in video marketing is live how to use a bernzomatic torch. How does this help you get traffic from Facebook?

Think about it. According to MediaKixsince its introduction:. You can do this by adding more calls to action CTAs throughout your page and how to increase traffic to facebook business page. Another way grow your Facebook audience is to use OptinMonster create an inline campaign at the end of each post, inviting people to like your Facebook page. The advantage faceboook using an inline campaign is that the people who see it have already read your content and are therefore interested in what you have to offer.

To add a Facebook page box, follow the instructions we shared earlier for creating a Like us on Facebook popup, and use the Inline campaign type with the Incrrase theme. Want to make your content increaase shareable to get more traffic from Facebook? To use the tool, enter your message in the onscreen box, and press Score My Message. We tested it with a link to our guide to running an email marketing campaign.

It scored a 62, but we thought we could do better. Scroll down to the overview to see scores businesw message type, character count, hashtags, sentiment, and emoji.

We followed the recommendations, making minor tweaks each time, till we improved the score to a You can use it effectively to promote blog content to those who will be most interested. The secret is to create a custom audience for your blog promotion. When it pops up, enter your status update, then click on the target in the post creation window. 1 out of 6 is what percent allows you to choose an audience for the post.

Type a topic into the interest window. Facebook will make suggestions, and will also show you audience figures for each topic. Since your content is more targeted, you should get a boost in engagement, resulting in more free traffic from Facebook. One tool that helps you share evergreen content without being repetitive is Missinglettr. Sign up for how to increase traffic to facebook business page free account, add your blog and up to 2 social media profiles, and watch the magic happen the next time you publish a blog post.

When you do, Missinglettr automatically creates a campaign to share that post 9 times throughout the year, starting with the publication date, and ending one year later.

It pulls text and images from the post so you have plenty of options for customizing your hlw. To get started, click on Review Campaignthen look at the hashtags. Use the on-screen arrows to create different combinations. Infrease can also incrfase the text for each update. You can approve each update manually, or make your changes and press Approve All. We often see business owners do both, so they share with two different audiences. You know another missed Facebook traffic-building opportunity?

What corned beef is often served on crossword all you have to do is ask. Click the Invite link to ask them to like your page. Partnerships are an established business growth tool, so why not take that technique to Facebook.

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With billion subscribersaround a third of the worlds populationit is fair to say, how to increase traffic on your Facebook page is a big deal. Having an easy drive-by through the Facebook street, where your page is located, is not a good sign for business. #2) Create a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Business Page should be a separate page from your personal page. To create a Facebook Business Page: Access your existing Facebook page. Next, click on the option to Add a page. Select Business from the available options. Youll be given the option to add existing contacts from your email. Dec 14, Also, by combining Facebook ads with consistently posting on your Facebook page, youll increase the chances of getting website traffic from various areas in Facebook. Feel free to check out the Facebook Chat app, as you can share links to product pages or blog content to potential and actual customers. # Try Instagram marketingAuthor: Nicole Martins Ferreira.

Facebook is one of the best places for your business to be. The platform has more than two billion monthly active users , 1. This makes it easier than ever to reach your target market.

But that also comes with a big downside: complications figuring out how to reach them and bring them back to your website. You need to stand out. You need to reach your audience if you want to drive traffic. You need to give them a reason to come back to your website instead of continuing to browse Facebook.

Here are four steps that the professionals use to increase website traffic through Facebook. Most people assume that more is better. You have to blog 30 times a month to get the most traffic. Posting under 30 times on Facebook a month is a recipe for disaster. You need 5, links if you want any shot at ranking 1. Image Source. You used to be able to reach a large portion of your audience, but Facebook caught wind of it. Why allow users to reach two billion users and their target market for free?

On top of that, users share 1 million links on Facebook every 20 minutes. Since then, organic reach has been declining, leading many businesses to even opt out of the platform for good. Traditional inbound marketing tells us to do one thing: cast a wide net and bring in as much traffic as possible with the hopes of converting some leads. So one would assume that posting as much as possible on their blog would rank them higher and increase conversions, or that posting countless times on Facebook would help beat the system and get your content in front of more people.

Buffer recently decided to test their Facebook posting strategy due to a declining organic reach. From January to October of , Buffer was posting a ton of content on Facebook.

Around posts on Facebook every single week. Their idea was to beat the system. Post more to combat organic reach. It makes sense: each post gets less organic reach, so posting more can effectively increase your total accumulated reach. As they increased their number of Facebook posts to four times a day in July and August of , their organic reach took a big hit. Every additional post started to result in less and less reach!

When they were posting more in , they were only reaching 44, Currently, Buffer only sends out one or two posts on Facebook per day, and they reserve those posts for their best content. Here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind when driving traffic from Facebook to your site with this step:.

One of the major problems with Facebook is simply the amount of content that users publish. But that also makes it a nightmare in terms of competition. If you want to drive more traffic to your site, you need to stand out. To have hyper-specific content that resonates with your audience. More than likely, not everyone who follows your page on Facebook will like all of your content.

Thankfully, Facebook has introduced a semi-secret form of targeting within the news feed, allowing you to segment organic content to different audiences. Similar to a typical saved audience on Facebook, the news feed options can help you reduce your audience size to the most targeted of users.

This will ensure that your CTR is much higher and that the mass majority of people will actually enjoy your content.

Now head back to your company page. Simply click that target symbol and you can refine your audience by demographics, interests, and exclusions. Next time you post, make sure that you add your post topic or topics as the interest s to ensure maximum engagement:. Driving website visits using Facebook requires one thing: specificity. You have to give the user a compelling reason to leave Facebook to read your content or visit your site. Meaning the content has to be specific to their wants and needs.

Getting more traffic from Facebook ultimately comes down to reaching more of your engaged audience. And boosting your posts can help you do that. Now, for this to work, you have to produce top-notch content. But if you can create great content and get it in front of more of your audience, you can expect your traffic to skyrocket. Buffer found this to be entirely true while trying to increase website traffic and reach.

They discovered that boosting their posts was critical to increasing their engagement and clicks. Taking only their most well-received content and boosting it further allowed them to ensure that site visits would increase:.

This means heading into your analytics and seeing which Facebook posts are performing well. Using segmented organic content with news feed targeting and then analyzing which posts were well received. When you notice that a post is taking off, simply boost it to increase your engagement and the number of clicks you bring back to your site.

If all else fails, one surefire way to boost Facebook traffic to a website is via paid advertising. Remarketing is more effective, but it also requires traffic that you might not have yet. If you decide to use a saved audience, you can always run a remarketing campaign after to bring back those interested users. Head to the Facebook Business Manager and click on the audience section:.

Start by entering the basic demographics of your target market:. First, start by entering interests that align with your business goals. For example, do you run a PPC agency? Then enter PPC advertising as an interest:. Do you also sell SEO services?

Add that to the list as well:. You want traffic that will continue to come back day in and day out. The key here is to warm them up with content that they are interested in. For example, check out this ad from AdEspresso :. This ad is sure to stand out to new cold audiences on Facebook.

It taps perfectly into a common pain point: being a workaholic or simply working too many hours in the day. Bring in new traffic with your saved audience by delivering content that will resonate. This time, create a custom audience based on website traffic:. This will help you re-engage users who visited your latest post. If you want to get even more specific and make sure that you only remarket Facebook visits, you can create a custom audience based on your Facebook page engagement.

Remarketing is a powerful way to bring users back to your site without breaking the bank. Be sure to promote your best content as your ads to a saved audience and then bring them right back for the next piece with remarketing. This is an indirect way of driving Facebook traffic to your site. Does this work? If you get the right audience, yes. It all starts with Facebook Lead Ads. How are these different than run-of-the-mill Facebook Ads, you ask?

These native ads provide an easy way for Facebookers to subscribe to your email list. The subscribe button is impossible to miss, and the process to subscribe takes users almost no time at allmaking Facebook lead ads just as good or possibly, maybe better than your current Facebook Ads.

WiseMerchant shows just how easy the signup process can be for a customer:. Unless, of course, you want to make it slightly more complex. Offer a downloadable resource in exchange for an email address to drive incentive and encourage more subscriptions. Keep in mind that the best Facebook Lead Ads are not built in a day. From here, you can view the common interests and demographics shared by the wonderful people who like your page.

And great minds will like your page. Meaning, anyone out there who thinks like your current fans may just want to become a fan themselves. So take note of the most striking similarities between your fans.

Facebook will ask what your marketing objective is. WiseMerchant suggests you use the Single Image, Single Video, or Slideshow formats, as these will be least overwhelming for visitors. Those who click on your CTA will be asked to fill in your form, which Facebook will now ask you to create. Finally, thank your customers in style by adding a weblink to your thank you screen. This is hugely important when it comes to introducing new email subscribers to your website.

In fact, a customer visiting your website from the thank you screen could be just as profitable as a person signing up for your email list at all. Your lead ad is now up and running, but is it cost-effective?

The last step, and perhaps the step that makes this bonus step such a money-saver, is to create a rule for your ad to automatically decrease your budget when your CPL is too high.

This will trigger a budget decrease when certain conditions are met.

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