How to make a bow hair tie

how to make a bow hair tie

Hair Tie Bow Tutorial

Jun 19,  · Learn how to make a cute BOW TIE bow out of ribbon with this fun tutorial! Don't forget to check out our Daily Deals: Author: The Ribbon Retreat. Apr 15,  · Welcome once again to my channel " uniQue creations "In my today's video i will show you how to make crochet bow hair tie. perfect for more vid.

This is an 'ible on how to make a bow tie or a how to make a bow hair tie bow. This 'ible is not exact because everyone's preferences are different, so please just bear with me, I'll try to be very clear. What you will hxir 1. Material 2. Ok, this is the obvious first step, but it is also a bit on the tricky hpw. Measurements don't have to be made, I don't really measure mine, I just kind of eyeball it, but for this tutorial, I will give measurements. This piece is 6x5 inches. The size of the little square is how big this bow go be.

Also, makd out a little strip of material, maybe a little less maks two boq. Put your material front side down and fold a section how to make a bow hair tie so that some maks the front side is showing. I like to put it around the middle. Now take your glue gun and either dot or spread consistently on the edge of the turned over edge.

Now flip the other side up and gently press it onto the glued side. See the line where the material is glued together? Now we want to hide the line by folding over the material the same way again.

And that's right, you guessed it!! We get to glue our fingers to the material again!! I kid, but yes, you will basically repeat step 3. Sometimes a flap of material will stick up after folding and gluing and to fix that, just dab a little bit of glue in there and tl it down. Just bear with me folks.

Almost finished! Depending on the measurements you have, you may have to fold in different directions. This is very simple. You want it to be wider than it is long, so just flip your rectangle thing around until the right side is like the picture above: see, not really difficult!!

Now you have to fold. This is also kind of personal preference. If you have a certain look you are going for, then just fiddle around with folding it however you want! My way is to almost fan fold it. It's a bit hard to explain, so please just look at my photos. Remember it? That will be the center of your bow that holds it together. Just wrap it around the center and glue it with your trusty glue gun in the back: hurray all done!! Of course if you want to embellish it, embellish away.

If you were making a hair bow, then just stick a bobby pin through the back boq the middle strip like so. Whatever you do, be fabulous!! By greaser97 Follow. More by the author:. Jordan what does it mean About greaser97 ». Did you make this project? Share it with us!

I Made It! Kid Name Circle Board by julien.

Step 1: Step One

Today I am excited to be sharing how to make one of my girls favorite hair accessories…hair tie bows! These hair tie bows are easy to make, are great gifts to put together for gifts, and are a perfect scrap busting project! Print out the free downloadable pattern found HERE and use it to cut out 2 pieces of fabric. Leave a 1 inch opening for turning. I leave my opening along the middle of one of the sides as shown in the photograph.

Using pinking shears or the method of your choice clip the curves of your bow without cutting through your stitching. If you left the opening in the middle of the bow the opening will be covered when you tie the bow. Slide your bow through your elastic hair tie so that the hair tie is centered in the middle of your bow. I love these. I made some like this for my girls to give to their friends for Christmas. I love the little bit of umph they add to a ponytail. I did notice one thing when I made them.

I cut them on the bias. It was so much easier to tie onto the hair ties and be able to fluff them back out. Thanks for sharing the pattern! I know this might seem a silly question but when I printed out your pattern and cut it out, it made a really small bow.

Does the pattern give the cutting line or stitching line? Many thanks. Plan to use an old school uniform to make school bows. Using the opening you left in the stitching turn your bow right sides out.

Tie in a knot and fluff. And you are done! Repeat as many times as necessary. You can click on the link above to get to the hair tie pattern. Like this: Like Loading Subscribe to get all the latest. Italian Stuffed Peppers Recipe ». Comments I love these. The pattern seems to be to small.

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