How to make a button down shirt into a dress

how to make a button down shirt into a dress

2 Ways to Turn a Men’s Shirt into a Chic Shirt Dress

Oct 17,  · SUBSCRIBE! IT'S FREE: MY #JWxTV bracelets HERE: THE JW FAM: everyone! Hope you enjoy th. Jun 09,  · Upcycle men’s shirt means making use of existing pieces to transform the original garment into trendy and more valuable item. Modify the construction, add embellishments and save buttons or button plackets to make quick alterations. If you have oversized button-down shirts, consider saving them to make a mini or maxi dress from men’s shirt.

Subscribe to our newsletter. Well, sort of right. While we love being scrappy, we wanted to take the DIY shirt dress even further with help from our sewing machine and a few key cuts. For our first look, we wanted to create a sweet little shirtt dress, perfect for Indian summer. We found this chambray-style red button down at a thrift shop.

First thing to do is cut off the collar bufton sleeves save the fabric. At the top, fold over each side and stitch. Make sure to leave enough room to put a draw string through. Use scraps from the shirt sleeves to create how to make a cb linear amplifier drawstrings.

String through the top and tie on each end. So cute! Our next look is definitely a little more city girl. We found a super retro shirt with a geometric pattern, how to make a button down shirt into a dress that may have spent a night or two in da club. It can be intimidating to step out on your own and build a business from the ground up.

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Inspiration delivered to your inbox Subscribe to our newsletter. Sign Up. Fashion DIY Style. Finish the edges of the arm holes with a contrasting thread for some fun detailing. To create a more feminine shape, create darts at the back. Then sew! Misty Spinney is a hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist with a strong background in design and deep passion for creativity. Hair Hacks: 3 Holiday-Ready Updos Movement was your business to start?

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Button the shirt up and lay it flat. Measure and mark the shirt 14" up from each side (even if the hem is curved, measure along the side seam). Cut straight across, side to side, through both layers. 2. Cut the sleeves off, close to where they attach to the shirt. Cut the cuffs off. For our first look, we wanted to create a sweet little tank dress, perfect for Indian summer. We found this chambray-style red button down at a thrift shop. First thing to . Aug 08,  · Lay the shirt flat, remove the pockets and cut off the arms and collar. Lay your template onto the remainder of the shirt and line up the buttons so they run down the front of the dress. Allowing space for a 3/4 inch seam allowance, pin to the shirt and cut around the template. With right sides together, pin and sew the side seams and shoulders.

This is a long tutorial, so hang on for the ride Ever wanted to remake one of your guy's shirts into something for yourself? Not just a skirt, or a dress It will take awhile, and this tute is probably not for beginners. The measurements in the tutorial are to make a Misses' Medium. I recommend you making the shorts as measured, and adjusting the crotch lower if you require more room, or wearing them slightly baggy if you are smaller.

This little romper can be worn with the shorts as is, or rolled up for a cute look that exposes more leg. You can leave the top unbuttoned and wear a cute camisole or long-sleeve tee underneath, or button up and pop the collar for a more edgy feel. You can wear with the waist-tie, or without, tie it in a big bow or just knot it, add a belt for a more structured feel There's so many options Happy DIY'ing Otherwise you will have to salvage leftover fabric from the shirt to add to the outside width of the shorts Button the shirt up and lay it flat.

Measure and mark the shirt 14" up from each side even if the hem is curved, measure along the side seam. Cut straight across, side to side, through both layers. Cut the sleeves off, close to where they attach to the shirt. Cut the cuffs off. Cut each sleeve open down its seam so it lays flat. Turn the bottom half of the shirt backwards so you're looking at the back.

Cut straight down the center back if you look closely, you can see the slit down the CB in the photo. Then draw a slight curve from each center mark to the marks at the bottom. Here we are attempting to make the shape of the crotch at the back of the shorts. Next, we need to add more fabric to accommodate the roundness of the human butt. Measure 2. Draw a line between the point you marked and the point you measured from. Connect the point from 10 to the point on the upper part of the straight area of the shirt CB, using a gentle curve.

Cut out along the lines you made, through both thicknesses of fabric, without removing the pins. Press the seam open with an iron.

Pin down the center back, all the way down the curve but NOT down the shorter straight part at the bottom of CB. This is now the center back of the shorts, complete with curving crotch line. Button up the front by turning the buttonhole placket under itself to the right and buttoning it into the buttons on the layer below, so all the buttons are now hidden but the shirt is still buttoned up.

Measure 3. Cut two gentle curves: one from each side of the placket edge to the mark you just made. Go all the way through the placket slightly above the two lines of stitching. Sew front to back in the same way using two lines of stitching.

Unbutton that turned-to-the-inside button placket and place a pin in the layer that goes on top to keep the placket flat. You now have a pair of flat-front shorts with the buttons on the inside of the fly opening. TIP: Try on your pieces repeatedly during the process of making them. Pull hard until the elastic is taut, then stitch over it all the way down the shoulder seam to the edge of the armhole.

When you remove the shirt from your machine, the elastic should naturally gather the shoulder towards the collar. Trim the elastic to size, and repeat for the other shoulder seam. It will probably still be boxy and unflattering. Pin the edges of the top together, making sure to match the armhole bottoms when you pin. Cut the same amount out of the other side as well.

Extend the side seams of the shorts onto the waistband as well. Pull on the elastic cord to gather the shirt fabric to the waistband as you go. Sew together. Fold the center front edge of the waistband under so the romper front is a straight line from the shirt part to the shorts part. Topstitch near the center front edge to tack everything down. Do the same for the underside, even though it won't be seen. Remove the buttons from the shorts inside. Try everything on again, and mark where you want your snaps to go.

I used 3 snaps. Hand-sew your snaps to the shorts and waistband undersides, making sure not to stitch through the outer layers of the romper. Waist-Tie: photo 1 Cut three strips from the remaining fabric in your sleeves, as long as the fabric will allow. I made two of the pieces slightly wider on one end.

Sew end to end, and press the seams open. Angle the wider edges, and finish all around with a thin rolled hem. Iron flat to set the seams. Belt-Loops: Made from the cuffs! Sew one belt-loop in the center back of your waistband, one centered at each side seam, and one on either side of the center front. I forgot to sew the last two before I took photos - woops!

Do so in this manner: 1. Stitch straight across belt loop, parallel to waistband seam. Topstitch to waistband. If you like, topstitch the bottom part of the belt loop to match the top. And you're done! This might become a "I'm gonna do a project because i'm bored" thing for summer. Oh this is so cute!! I'll be searching for a shirt I can use next time I take a trip to the thrift store :. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Good luck! The hardest part is definitely fitting the crotch right - it's trial and error to get it exactly the right height for your torso length - because once you connect the shorts to the top, you'll really be limited in movement if it's too high I think mine is just ever so slightly.

And there's really nothing you can do to change your torso length!! I'm a novice when it comes to sewing, but had an idea that I think might help determining torso length and hopefully eliminate the trial and error process. Wouldn't a piece of string looped around a person from shoulder to crotch give a reasonably close measurement? Cool instructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you don't mind a suggestion from me? You could use men's cufflinks as buttons a way to reuse and re gender add a few more layers of fabric to the back placket, this would take up the slack of the clip, button hole the front placket, add a small groment to the back in reverse, so as not to scratch the lady, it's your idea to use or not, free and clear jhg I have been remaking street-found- jeans into grocery bags.

That sounds like a great idea! When you write "back placket" do you mean the shirt yoke? I was having trouble visualizing what you suggested above Jeans into grocery bags sounds like a fabulous re-use - denim is really strong and the flat-felled seams can take a lot of stress before busting!

That's a great idea too! Thanks Carlyjcais, for allowing me to present to you some of my ideas. These ideas are yours to do as you may want, make money with them, call them your own. I like attractive women wearing my shirts unmodified, and nothing else with the shirt.

I'm not a tailor, so I can't rate this instructable from that viewpoint, but my guess is that an amateur would have no problems duplicating the project using the instructions you given. BTW; you couldn't have chosen a more attractive model, to model the modified shirt.. No offense. But the color reminds me of a jumpsuit. But besides that, this looks great! Yeah, when I finished it I realized it looks just like a prison jumpsuit.

I was going to make one in black but then I thought the details wouldn't show up so well, so I went with a huge shirt I had that was grey.

Haha who knows, right? I used to work with Threadbanger and then they re-organized everything and I got swept out the door. I've tried making a couple videos but it's too much work to be in front of the camera, doing the tutorial, and then editing afterwards especially in iMovie, which is the most impossibly dumb editor ever.

Automatic separation of audio for L-cuts?? A whacked-out timeline with minimal sound editing capabilities?

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