How to make a druid costume

how to make a druid costume

Druid costume thoughts

Oct 18, - Ideas for creating a wizard or druid costume for the Renaissance Festival. See more ideas about druid costume, renaissance festival, druid pins. I have a thing for druids. I play a night elf druid in World of Warcraft and it was sort of her that got me into cosplay (again) and inspired me to start making my own cosplays. My first self-made cosplay was Skymone the Druid, and I felt like it was my most fun cosplay experience, so I wanted to re-experience that by making a new druid.

I have a thing for druids. My first self-made cosplay was Skymone the Druid, and I felt like it was my most fun cosplay experience, so I wanted to re-experience that by making a new druid. Below are my references. I figured a good place to start was the inner layer the green skirt with the rhombus shapes. I chose gold, because I figured all of the yellowy parts in the reference are golden, since they look sort of shiny.

I used a pattern from a random sewing magazine to get the darts at the waistline down, but I made it longer, tighter and added a slit at the back to make it easier to walk the back is hidden by the next layer of skirt, anyways. I cut out how to make a druid costume fabrics both the quiltet top layer and a green cotton that I used for lining. I used the same pattern as for the previous skirt, but instead of having a split at the back, I made it open in the front.

I first made the base skirt pieces in white pleather, then traced all what is a sia licence and free-handed all other gold details to make patterns that I applied on the gold pleather.

I used seam widths between 2 and 3 mm on my sewing machine. I started on the green layers of leather skirt and used how to make a druid costume same pattern to make how to make a druid costume layers.

When I was finally done with all of the skirts, I started on the top. For this one, I used a random vintage vogue I mostly just needed the princess seams.

I made a test piece in cheap cotton and fitted it before I started working in my leather. Since many of the swirls on the top stretch over more than one piece of the underlaying fabrics, I had to stitch the top together before I could add the gold details I did make the details on the green area on the back before I stitched the whole thing together.

Finally, I added the sleeves. To make the shorter sleeve patterns, I just took a sleeve pattern piece from a dress I had and taped it together where the seam how to make a druid costume be what investment makes the most money the bottom.

Then I instead cut it open where I wanted the sleeve to be open at the front and this now became my pattern after I rounded the edges. I added gold borders and stitched together a few cms in the top, leaving most of the sleeve open. I basted the scaled sleeves I previously made onto the short sleeves and stitched both onto the top.

The last remaining part of the top is the green piece that sits in the middle front, hiding the zipper. This piece I made separate and it attaches with 4 pairs of magnets; Two in each side at the top and two in each side of the bottom of the top. This extends over the skirt and hides the magnet that holds the top layer of skirt together. The result is that there is not a single visible closure anywhere on the sewn part of my cosplay!

I was done with the majority of stitching, and started with my pauldrons. I used the artwork as my reference here, since they look more how to make a druid costume, and I scaled them down a bit to look more feminine. I just took some thick paper and freehanded a paper model. When I was satisfied, I transferred the pattern onto craft foam. I used Cosplayflex to make the shoulders sturdy. After I had the basic shape down, I used more craft foam and cosplay flex to make up all the little details, then primed everything with spray filler actually made for cars, but works great for this purpose.

I also used metallic green auto spray colour to colour the spheres even though they are no longer see-through, they still let through plenty of light, and the paint works both to hide the insides and also to diffuse the light from the LED strips that I installed later. I added cling wrap on the egg and drew the shape of the dragon I wanted, then used polymorph pellets to shape the little dragons. After the first dragon was done, I moved the cling film onto the what causes dementia in young adults egg and how to get a drivers license in michigan it upside down, so I had the same shape, just mirrored in an attempt to make it somewhat symmetric.

Almost succeeded xD I went over them lightly with acetone to remove any excess oils and such that might have gotten on them while I worked with them, so paint would stick to them easier, then I sprayed both the dragons and the shoulders gold. The spray was just the basic coat, I went in and used acrylics and a brush to give it a bit more depth.

They close with velcro under the arm. Using the same technique how to make a druid costume the shoulders, I first made a paper pattern, then transferred to craft foam and added cosplayflex on top.

So I made a basic shape from paper and cut two chunks of foam that I then carved and sanded until they were more or less symmetric. And last I primed it with layers of wood glue and then a couple of layers of black spray paint. I used acrylics again to add depth to the gold and also acrylics for the green layers at the back.

The armor parts of the helmet complete I added different darker and lighter shades of green to the back layers to give it more depth. I first used cheap cotton, then as I got closer, switched to my main leather fabric and did small adjustments while using a LOT of duct tape and needles.

Still held together with just hope, tape and needles, but taking shape this took me many hours of just trying and trying:. And finally, the finished helmet! The horns are attached with velcro, so they can be taken off when I transport it, since they are somewhat fragile. The fabric parts are just glued onto the helmet with contact glue. The mounting is a fabric bracer that goes all around my wrist and closes on the backside. I made little leaves of craft foam and cosplayflex and stitched these onto the fabric part of the bracer.

I also made gloves these were very simple, since I used a very stretchy jersey, and was able to just trace my hand on a piece of paper and make them from just 1 front and 1 back piece each.

I made full gloves, then marked how long I wanted them to be and cut off the tip of the fingers for fingerless gloves one of my references had this, the other had finger gloves, but honestly, fingerless is just so much nicer, so I chose that option.

The last part how to become a jp in uk remained was the electronics. Here I enlisted some help from my boyfriend, since I thought it would be awesome to have everything powered by just 1 power source.

Originally, I had planned for smoke machines in the shoulders what is meant by logic gates well, but due to limited time, I ended up not adding that. Anyways, each armor piece shoulders, helmet, bracers and gloves have LED strips of various lengths. The LED strips are glued to the side of the eggs under the border of the cosplayflex.

And also painted them with the same car paint as the eggs. The strips are all RGB, meaning they can be all colours. That also means they each have 4 wires that needs to be connected, which was a bit of a challenge, since I wanted all of them to have plugs, so I could connect them all to the same how to cut patterns in grass source.

The gloves connect to the bracers. A 9V battery can power the whole thing for hours roughly, though the blue channel stops working towards the end.

The squid also contains an extra cable, which is the controller for the LED strips. They have various features, such as constant glow in all kinds of colours, pulsating, strobe blinking and so on.

The black part of wire here is the 9V battery adapter. The USB one connects to the white plug instead of this when using powerbanks as a source, but is not pictured here. How to make a druid costume is the infrared controller for the strips. I ran it through my left sleeve so I could easily control the lights with my right hand. This is the remote that controls everything as you can see, it has various colours and modes.

Fancy stuff! I made a belt from the green leather that holds two powerbanks and fits under the jacket without what determines currency exchange rates visible hence no picture xD. I basically ran out of time and just spray painted some pleather shoes I found in matching gold and green colours and then painted on a few details. Update December Almost all of the gold has now been replaced with a different leather of the exact same colour.

This cosplay lives on! And lights how to make a druid costume getting replaced with individually programmable, Arduino-controlled ones over the holidays. And apart from making sure a few had a chance to find a different material before they had gotten too far along with their project, I also got a tip on how to stop the peeling!

So I purchased this Leather Finish scratch repair-thingy. Sadly, the upper part of the back, the sleeve edges and the lower triangle on the back of the skirt were too destroyed to save, but I was able to replace them without ruining the rest of the outfit.

So far I have taken it out for a photoshoot and walked around in the cosplay for a couple of hours after repair with no new peeling visible, so the stuff seems to have worked!

I added it on the fresh pleather parts I replaced, too. Here it is wet from a fresh layer I gave everything 3 layers and let how to apply voter id card in delhi dry through between each layer. The upper back of the jacket was totally wrecked, so I replaced it with a new piece. Damaged at the top, repaired at the bottom like it never happened!

And here I thought this was finally the end of that. It hurts, but it hurts more to have the cosplay be unusable. Skip to content Home Cosplay Druid: Dreamwalker.

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White ribbon up the front of the bodice with two wooden boning pieces inserted for support. The ribbon is a deep chocolate brown. The bodice is lined in cream damask fabric and gray velvet. The bottom portion of the overdress has a beautiful arabesque design in tan and cream pins. Elf Druid Costume Hood, Ranger Costume Headpiece, Medieval Hood for LARP and Cosplay REupped 5 out of 5 stars (89) $ Only 3 left Add to Favorites Volanthrophy Bolero, white druid bolero, white shrug, white top, long sleeve bolero, medieval bolero, large hood, fleece bolero, technodolly. Sep 09, s 18th century s arm warmers Atlanta book bum roll caplet claire beauchamp claire fraser comicpalooza cosplay cosplayer costume costuming crochet cowl diana gabaldon DIY DragonCon druid druids Hamilton & Young highland fling historical Houston how to indienne jacket jacobite jp ryan knitplaylove lanterns opening sequence Outlander.

Turn plastic vitamin bottles into creepy apothecary jars using a glue gun and chalkboard paint. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. I was going to Desucon:Fantasy and realized I did not have the time to finish my Codex cosplay.

With two days until the con and about 8 hours of spare time, I challenged myself to make an elvish costume with the time I had at hand. So here is a simple tutorial for the staff I made. Also I have made another staff, the staff of Kraken with tutorial here.

Photo by: Nils Katla Photography I started with a hollow card board pipe the core of a roll of paper table cloth actually - so in other word. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. I got several comments that my new Kraken Staff looked a lot like my Elvish Staff.

I might see their point, but when you hold them together I hope you see the difference. The method I used is very similar to how I made the first staff. The core of a roll of paper cloth yes I have many of those, because you never know when you want to make a Gatling gun The tentacles here are made with strips of foam mat covered in aluminum foil, to help keep it in shape.

Then you glue them to the staff. So, I've been out of the country, fire dancing at a theme park in Japan, for most of the winter.

I'm back now and I got an embroider Leather Potion Bottle Holder: Every brave adventurer needs to carry around liquids and components with him. What better way than in a glass potion bottle with a handmade leather holder?

I've made several dozen of these, and if you're interested I've documented the step by step p. View an image titled 'Barbarian Oracle Art' in our Ryse: Son of Rome art gallery featuring official character designs, concept art, and promo pictures. Dunking and spraying are my high tech terms for how I color lace, cheesecloth, shipping tags and found objects for my artwork. Anyone can d The best cosplay costumes have great accessories and what is the best cosplay costume accessory?

Wearing a set of Sharingan contact lenses is also essential.

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