How to make mambo sauce

how to make mambo sauce

Mumbo Sauce - D.C.'s Famous Sweet & Sour Sauce

Feb 21,  · How to Make Mumbo Sauce - DC's Famous Mumbo Sauce RecipeMumbo Sauce is a huge part of Washington DC's culture. It's a tangy sauce that is found in many DC c. Feb 02,  · My name is Viraj Desai but they Call Me Mr FlavorSavor I like to eat good food and make easy food and also be spontaneous and travel the world. Heres the Lin.

If right now you're asking yourself, 'What's mumbo sauce? It's a tangy, spicy sauce how to make mambo sauce many residents of the DMV consider to be local more on that in a minute. For years, DC wing lovers have doused their fried chicken wings with how to make mambo sauce tomato-based, reddish or sometimes orangish-red sauce, but it goes well with much more than that.

It's a little different from place to place, depending on who is making it and the ingredients that are used. But one thing that's always the same? The deliciousness. Is your mouth watering yet, or is that just us? You'll find mumbo sauce in chicken wing carry-outs and Asian restaurants all across the DC area. Locals will tell you it started in the District, though a quick Google search will show you there's been a bit of a legal debate over the years when it comes to exactly when and where it originated.

Chicagoans would argue mumbo sauce didn't start in DC at all. Instead, a Chicago barbeque restaurant called Argia B's claimed they started it-- and the restauranteur's what is eating my passion flower has stood up to protect the name. They went after the company formerly known as Capital City Mumbo Sauce for trademark infringment-- a case they won. Capital City is now known as Capital City Mambo Saucewhich is available online and in several local stores.

Capital City's website says the condiment was first meant for wings, but it got so popular that Asian restaurants adopted their own versions-- and so did others. No matter who had it first, the fact that mumbo sauce is a quintessential DC condiment isn't something that can be denied, if you ask DMV chicken wing lovers.

All you have to do is follow these easy steps. The question is probably more accurately, what CAN'T you put it on? Mumbo sauce is perfect for your wings and fries-- but the Smiths say you'll love it on fried fish, fried shrimp, ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and even chicken pizza. They've been in business since Their slogan? Click here for their website.


Makes: /3 cups. Preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes or Less. Ingredients. 1/2 cup tomato paste. 1 cup distilled white vinegar. 1 cup pineapple juice.

Washington D. Much of the local population comes and goes with the political tides. According to the Washington Post , only 15 percent of the white population was born in D. As a result, there aren't many indigenous local dishes, but there is one concoction the locals proudly claim as their own: Mumbo Sauce. Theresa Vargas, in an article in the Washington Post in July , wrote "The Italians may have their marinara and the French their bearnaise, but for many D.

Few can tell you how it's made or where it originated, but they know this: If you grew up in one of the mostly African American areas of the city, you've likely known the taste your entire life. If you didn't, you probably have no idea what it is. Many D. Drive through the Petworth neighborhood and there are scores of restaurants that offer Chinese Carryout, Fried Chicken and Pizza all in one storefront, and they all have Mumbo Sauce.

You'll also find it in Chinatown. Mumbo Sauce is different from place to place. It ranges in color from orange to red, it is thinner than the typical red barbecue sauce, and it usually tastes closer to Chinese sweet and sour sauce. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it is simply sweet and sour sauce with a little ketchup added. Both red barbecue sauce and sweet sour sauce are typically made with the same base: tomato concentrate, distilled white vinegar and sugar.

The red stuff plays the lead in typical American red barbecue sauces, with the vinegar and sugar playing second fiddle. In Mumbo sauce the tomato base plays bass in the background with the vinegar and sugar playing the lead.

Mumbo sauce is most popular on chicken wings, but it works on just about anything deep fried. That may sound odd, but remember, in the Deep South, fried chicken and fish are often served with honey. I've always found honey to be a bit cloying, but the vinegar in Mumbo Sauce is a great knife for cutting through fried foods. Long time residents argue about where Mumbo Sauce originated , making claims that it first appeared sometime in the late s or early s at either Wings 'N Things, U Street or Johnny Boy's, among others.

She recalls that it was run by African Americans although it may have been Chinese owned, and, now defunct, it made its run from about through She says the original was the best by far and she has never tasted anything close.

An African-American from Indianola, Miss. His daughter, Allison Collins, says "In addition to great ribs, my Dad sold hot links, fried chicken, fish, shrimp and fries, all of it drenched in Mumbo Sauce. His sauce's popularity helped him and his brothers open about 10 other storefronts. They are all long gone, and Argia B. He died in , but, according to his obit in the Chicago Tribune , "He also provided the fuel, quite literally, to the civil rights struggle of the s, as his popular barbecue restaurant was a frequent source of free nourishment for a young Rev.

Argia B. Collins' Mumbo Sauce can also be ordered online. We can only speculate. The South Side of Chicago has vast concentrations of African-Americans, but it is also the home of Chinatown, which, in the '50s, bumped right up against the area known as Bronzeville to the East, a center of black entrepreneurship.

It is not hard to imagine that an African-American bought a bottle of Mumbo Sauce from his favorite ribjoint and later used it on carryout eggrolls from Chinatown. It is not much of a stretch to imagine that he or she moved to D. Perhaps it got there in the suitcase of one of the great South Side bluesmen. Perhaps it made the transit with an African-American cook from a Chinese restaurant. Or perhaps the vector was even a Chinese cook moving from Chicago to D. However Mumbo journeyed from Chicago to D.

About the tomato paste: some places use ketchup, I much prefer it with tomato paste. About the hot sauce: I use good old fashioned Tabasco Sauce, but you can use Sriracha or whatever you like. This small amount gives it a mild background heat. Taste it and add more if you wish. About the pineapple juice: You can swap orange juice for the pineapple juice if you like, but I prefer it with pineapple juice.

About the vinegar: You may be tempted to use cider vinegar or something with more flavor, but resist the temptation. Plain old clear distilled vinegar is the right call for this sauce. Do this: Mix all the ingredients in a pot. Simmer, but do not boil, for about 20 minutes to marry the flavors and thicken it a bit.

Taste and adjust to your preferences. Like it hotter, be my guest. You can drizzle it on the food or serve it in a bowl for dipping. Or both.

Toss it in the microwave for 20 seconds or so first to take the chill off. Mumbo Sauce can be refrigerated for months. Some restaurants sell it by the bottle on premises, among my favorites, Smokey's at 14th St.

NW, Washington D. She calls hers Mambo Sauce. All text and photos are Copyright c By Meathead, and all rights are reserved. For more of Meathead's writing, photos, recipes, and barbecue info please visit his website AmazingRibs. News U. Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. Special Projects Highline. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Follow Us. Terms Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Well, I hate to break it to you D.

Collins, Sr. Since there is no official recipe, since it varies significantly from joint to joint, I've created one that has the best features of my faves. Try it on fried chicken, fish or shrimp, or even on eggrolls. Unorthodox as it may sound, it's pretty good on barbecue ribs and pulled pork, too. That's my recipe for Mumbo Sauce above, and it is easy to make. But you can order it. As popular as Mumbo Sauce is, it is surprising that I can find only two small mail order bottlers:. Suggest a correction.

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