How to remove rust from exhaust headers

how to remove rust from exhaust headers

Refinish a Rusted Exhaust

Feb 20,  · After made km in mud, sand, rain, off road Africa our motorcycles exhaust and header pipe had rust. We removed rust and dirt easily from exhaust and p. Jun 04,  · I've got a set of unequal length shorty headers and they're ROUGH. In this video, part 1, I'll prepare them for paint by knocking down the rust and putting.

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Whats the best way to remove rust from headers? Thread starter my Start date Jul 24, I picked up a used set of Jardine headders for my XS and they are in worse shape than I had expected. They are covered in serface rust. No serious pitting, but more rust than I can remove with exbaust wire whele. My plan is to remove at what age can children lift weights rust, give them a spray of paint to curb the rust from returning, and then wraping what is the poverty level in chicago, so I'm not too concerned with how they look.

Using a wire whele on how to remove rust from exhaust headers headders will take a liftime to get all of the rust gone. I was headerrs to give electroysis a shot but I have never done it before. I was also considering slathering them with navel jelly. I just wanted to see if there was a better way to go about cleaning these haders up.

The pic below isn't of my bike and my headers arent quite this bad, I'm just using it for reference. Thanks in advance. AlphaDogChoppers Science is true whether you believe in it or not. Sandblasting is best, and your only shot at getting high temperature paint to adhere.

I have found the performance of high temperature rattle can paints to be disappointing. Even with sandblasting and following the instructions ehxaust the letter, including multi-stage heat cure, I find the rust returns within months. If you put wrap on them you will not see the rust, and you will be pretty much fucked.

I have started using a high temperature powdercoat, but it may not hold up to the temperatures close to the exhaust ports, and the temperature would be even higher if wrapped. Any chemical means of stripping the rust will interfere with the coating.

Sandblasting is best. If you form find a big enough bath, electrolysis might be a good bet. Sonreir said:. Djfob Been Around the Block. AlphaDogChoppers said:. VonYinzer Over 10, Posts. Djfob said:. My exhaust looks similar, planning to scuff and paint the tip of muffler. Rest of exhaust I am planning to just wrap to cover the rust. Bad idea? DeanJ Been Around the Block.

VonYinzer said:. Rust is cancerous. Unless you remove it from the metal it will grow and destroy the exhaust. Especially under wrap.

I'll go as planned for now I guess but now I have an excuse for a new exhaust. ApriliaBill Yeah I'm old school. From how to remove rust from exhaust headers looks of where the rust is Headerrs might have as much rust on the headesr as out I kinda dig them Not rusr to be a jerk, it just looks like the rust is very how to remove rust from exhaust headers and at the cancerous state.

I hope not and the blast is a success. If you take the pipes to a plating shop, they should be able to chem dip them and strip all of the rust and chrome off inside and out leaving you a perfect surface to paint. Muratic acid from the hardware store.

Read a label precautions,do not breathe any fumes,it will take your breath away. It will eat concrete,it's used to clean ready mix trucks. A long handled brush and a garden hose with a spray nozzle works best. Use it on the inside also. I use this stuff. Pretty how to reinstall realtek hd audio manager And also, as soon as you take anything out of the muriatic acid, it flash rusts.

Kinda defeats the purpose. I have a friend with a sandblast booth so I'll try that. If it doesn't work I have some rebar and a big ruber made tub I'll use for the electrolysis.

Wish me luck. This thread is kinda misnamed. Removing rust is how to drawing in autocad your only goal. Title should be, "What's the best way to prepare headers for painting.

First, last, always. Chemical or electroysis rust removal removes the rust, but it doesn't prepare the surface for painting. The ceramic paint instructions are quite how to remove rust from exhaust headers temove sandblast, blow it off with compressed air, then don't touch it with your bare hands or use any kind of liquid to clean it. Horrible suggestion. That shit is far too dangerous to handle, and wire brushing with it splatters it all over the place.

Your lungs will take a serious what is a middle schooler poem, sometimes causing pneumonia a few days later when the dead lung cells slough off the lining of your lungs.

There are MUCH safer, and more effective chemicals to use. Phosphoric acid is much safer. It's the active ingredient of a number of rust removal products, and it won't kill you. That's pretty bad, too. I suit up in a tyvek suit, hood, gloves, and of course a premium respirator. Then again, I use non-silica crushed glass as my medium. The usual media that powdercoaters use for surface prep is aluminum oxide.

When I say "sandblasting" I am referring to the process, not necessarily using sand as the media. Most sandblasting is done how to check mtnl broadband usage a cabinet with a HEPA dust collection system anyway.

I hate him. You must log in or register to reply here. JAGspeed Jan 17, MrMister Sep 23, Kanticoy Oct 16, Exhakst Aug 19,

Step 1: Sandblast!

Feb 13,  · If you’re going through the effort to rust proof your car on the bottom you shouldn’t forget your exhaust system. Clean and scuff your exhaust system and apply Exhaust Paint to seal and protect it from corrosion and road debris. Our standard Exhaust Paint comes in . The 30 year old chrome plating is flaking right off of the headers and the un-coated crossover pipe looks like it might be on it's last legs due to all the accumulated rust. I've gone through many different . Jul 26,  · Chemical or electroysis rust removal removes the rust, but it doesn't prepare the surface for painting. The ceramic paint instructions are quite explicit to sandblast, blow it off with compressed air, then don't touch it with your bare hands or use any kind of liquid to clean it. I will be sandblasting the headders next week.

Feb 3, 1. Messages: 34 Likes Received: 0. Feb 4, 2. Messages: Likes Received: 0. Not sure about getting the rust off.

I bought a set of the edelbrock street legal ceramic coated headers for my son't 91 RS Camaro and they look like total crap now. Rust city. I will never buy another edelbrock ceramic header set. I'm hoping with that one maybe they'll last longer since it's being kept inside the garage from now on.

After seeing the factory stuff go to crap I'd rather buy a standard set and spray ceramic header paint on them myself and compare how long they last than pay twice as much for the edelbrock stuff only to have it rust anyway. Good luck with yours. Feb 4, 3. Messages: 1, Likes Received: Did you cure your headers? Ceramic headers must be cured or else they will burn off the ceramic and then rust.

To cure them you must start the engine and run for about a minute or so until the headers begin to smoke and then immediately shut it down. Let the headers cool completely then start again. When they begin to smoke, shut it down. You have to do this until the headers no longer smoke which may take times or so.

When the headers are cured the ceramic is very hard and will resist rust. Feb 4, 4. Messages: 12, Likes Received: They wouldn't happen to be Hooker headers with their factory ceramic coating, would they? Mine were a rusty mess in less than a year and now a few years later the coating is flaking off everywhere. Total junk.

Next time I want coated headers I'll buy the plain ones and send them to JetHot. Feb 4, 5. Messages: 10, Likes Received: Feb 4, 6. They were on the car when I got it but they are only about a year old. Not sure if they were "BroKe In" properly. The lower part still looks good it's by the heads that are starting to rust. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems? Thanks for the replys. Feb 4, 7. Messages: 3, Likes Received: 3. I had a set of new headers coated by JetHot.

They were on the engine long enough to break it in, then I dropped them off at the JetHot office in Pa. They were great for 3 years, then like a switch thrown, the coating sarted peeling and the headers rusting.

Truck spends it time in the garage and sees only a limited amount of driving time in good weather. I know others have had good luck with coated headers, but just as many have not. Good luck. Feb 4, 8. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2. ANyone use the POR 15 high temp resistant paint? Feb 4, 9. Messages: 8, Likes Received: Lot of times manufacturers wont guarantee coated headers on a new motor break in Something about if she's lean itll burn off.

Ive heard that the factory coatings arent very good from a few members on here. Thats why I just got plain painted steel headers and will also be dropping them off at a jet hot facility. Feb 4, Messages: 29, Likes Received: 2, My Hedman Elite headers still look great after four years and 30K miles.

Their factory coating seems to hold up very well. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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