How to rig a plastic worm for bass

how to rig a plastic worm for bass

Sep 13,  · Make sure your hook has a very sharp point. Remember, you will have to drive the hook point through the plastic body of the worm and through the lip of the bass' mouth. If your hook point cannot scratch your fingernail, it is not likely sharp enough. Use a hook-hone or sharpening stone to sharpen the point%(). May 20,  · Here's how to rig a soft plastic worm, or lure, straight for Bass fishing. In this how to video, I'll show you how to rig a few different plastic worms on b.

There is nothing more versatile than luring with soft plastic worms when it comes to fishing for bass. You can find these rubber worms in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The choices are great, but they can be quite overwhelming especially if it is your first time to use these lures. Add to that the different number of ways for rigging these worms, along with the endless selections for how to rig a plastic worm for bass your attack on unsuspicious bass. It can be difficult for a beginner like you, but I have the perfect guide for you so you can use these worms to how to remove pet smells from carpet your next catch successfully.

One of the first steps to using these worms as bait for bass fishing is to decide on the color and size. Yes, it may seem unnecessary for beginners, but the type you go for will help you fish without problems.

Here are some tips when choosing the worms:. Fishing in clear, open water: It is best to go for worms that are small in size, usually about three to four inches. Bass will quickly see your lure, so you do not have to draw too much attention for the worm you selected.

Plus, you reduce the risk of scaring the fish off. Fishing around an area with covers: Some examples are where there are grass beds, around grassy shores, and laydowns where there are grass and branches.

In this case, you will need more visible bait with at least five inches in size. Season: You should also take into account the current season, which means you should offer something that bass are typically accustomed to during that time. The season has an effect on the temperature of the water, which is something that you should also consider.

Color: When it comes to the color, you have several factors to think about. Generally, the rule is to use natural colors when fishing in clearer waters.

If the water is murky and dirty, you should choose brighter worms, so they are more visible for the fish to see.

Black with blue flecks Green pumpkin Watermelon red. Aside from the size and color, you also have to select the shape and how to rig a plastic worm for bass of the worm carefully.

Each one has an advantage depending on the situation. It is difficult to give you what will truly work best for a specific circumstance, but I can help simplify these styles so you can have an idea when you should use them:. What type of clothes should i wear quiz with curly tails: This style, which includes ribbon, gator tail, and U-tail, works best in dark waters and areas with lots of covers, such as grass.

These worms present more what county is glendora ca and vibration, which can be useful when fishing in the mentioned situation. Straight tail: These worms are quite common and probably the favorite of many people.

They are more straightforward than other lures, and you can present them to the fish in different ways. The trick, finesse, and stick bait worms are the most popular types, which are all effective for a more subtle presentation.

The next step now is to set up your fishing with the worms. You will find that there are several ways to rig your worm because of the varieties of the lure.

However, there are three methods to rig the soft worms, which are called Carolina, Texas, and drop shot. In this type of rig, you will separate the separate the worm from the weight, which causes the plastic to be in a more natural angle. Pulling the weight will make the worm dance and dash for a moment what is navier stokes equation the weight. Tying the rig needs you to slide the egg sinker or the bullet onto the line.

After that, you will have to push a brass clacker or bead behind the weight. Then, take a leader, which can be anywhere from two to five feet and tie it to the base of the barrel swivel. Attach a hook at the end of the leader and thread the how to rig a plastic worm for bass onto the hook in which you can use the Texas style.

Read more about The Carolina Rig. Many anglers use this rig, especially beginners looking for a simple setup. It works in rocks, brush, grass, and even human-made structures, making this rig a better choice than Carolina in these situations. Start by penetrating the hook point into the worm.

Go around the whole hook until you find the eyelet where you will rotate the hook, so it points back toward the worm. Read more about The Texas Rig. This rig setup is useful for fishing vertically. Start with a standard knot attached to the hook, but there should at least be six inches at the tag end. After tying the knot, get the tag end and move it around the eyelet to have the hook pointing upward.

Use the Texas rig when hooking the worm. You can also nose-hook the worm over the point. You can link a bell sinker, or a drop shot weight at the bottom of the tag end. Read more about the best lures for drop shot fishing.

Before you start fishing, there are significant pieces of equipment you need to be ready to catch some bass:. Rod and Reel: First-time anglers should keep it simple so look for a combo that you can utilize for both lure and bait fishing. A rod rated for eight to pound line is a good start. Spinning reels are also a good choice before going for baitcasting reels. Related: Best Bass Fishing Reels. Line: Large-diameter lines are more durable than smaller ones even though they have the same material.

However, it is best to start with monofilament lineswhich are strong and buoyant. Tackle: Three different tackle types are important for anglers, which are hooksfloatsand weights. For hooks, stick with ones that are not snelled, which means they do not have a leader tied to them beforehand. Floats or bobbers will keep your bait off the bottom of the water, and you can choose what you like.

For weights, go for split shot ones, which are affordable and easy to install. With everything ready to go, the final step is to fish with the worms. I have tried and tested some ways, including pitching the lure to the target area, which works in areas with grass and other covers.

Hit all the sides and angles, then keep tossing and retrieving until you catch the bass. Meanwhile, if you plan to fish in open areas or those with sparse structures, including points or humps, I find that casting out and bouncing it back works wonderfully. You can change the speed of the bounce up until you figure out what is getting the fish to bite the worm.

Shaking the bait a little can get the bass to respond faster. If you are using the Carolina rigcasting and dragging will normally work. You can also use how to rig a plastic worm for bass sinker when you use this method, which can help you feel the difference in the lake bottom with your fishing rod. Your email address will not be published.

I am an avid life long fisherman, having caught over 25, fish over the years. My life-long passion for fishing began when how to get an ama card father taught me how to fish at the age of ten. I started luremefish.

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Aug 12,  · Start with a standard knot attached to the hook, but there should at least be six inches at the tag end. After tying the knot, get the tag end and move it around the eyelet to have the hook pointing upward. Use the Texas rig when hooking the worm. You can also nose-hook the worm over the point. Apr 12,  · In this video i show you how i rig a plastic worm weedless. im using a senko type worm but this same way will work for any worm and most soft plastic baits. May 24,  · Tips and techniques that show the right way to fish plastic worms for big datlovesdat.comd Videos:How To Texas Rig A Plast How to catch bass with a plastic BassResource - Bass Fishing Techniques.

For many anglers having a slow day out on the water, the only thing that can turn it around is a good plastic worm rig. A number of fishing rigs exist, and each one serves its own purpose for fishing highly weeded areas or deep shelves or any other underwater terrain where bass like to hang out.

The action of a good plastic worm rig is incredibly enticing to bass, so rig one up in one of the following ways, and get out on the water! Here are a few of our favorite plastic worm rigs, the fishing tackle you'll need for each rig and how to set them up. At Bass Pro Shops, there is a rig for every fishing situation and skill level. You'll catch more fish when your rig and gear are matched to the presentation. Click here to find everything you'll need for rigging and successful fishing!

Keep your fishing arsenal organized and protected in the Plano Guide Series 2. The roomy main compartment provides plenty of space for utility boxes and offers easy access to your favorite tools and lures. There is a waterproof cell-phone holder and license holder keep important personal items protected.

Find more bass fishing tips and bass fishing videos here. Click here for a larger view of this infographic about 4 Plastic Worm Rigs for Bass. Plano Guide Series 2. Tagged under. Bass Fishing. Log in or register to post comments views.

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