How to send flash sms from android

how to send flash sms from android

How to send flash SMS

Most of the Android mobiles have Flash message option. It’s like normal text message. You will have to select flash message option, type the message/add images,videos. Click send. That’s it! How to Send a Flash SMS Step 1. Open your text messaging application on your mobile device. Step 2. Type the telephone number of the message recipient in the "To" field. Step 3. Type "" followed by the beginning of your text message. This is considered a .

How send SMS flash. When you still didn't have a mobile phoneyou always asked your friends to send you Flash SMS. The limited memory of his mobile phone could not hold a large number of SMS and he did not want at all to give up stored messages, since you only saved the most important ones.

Now that things have changed and the technology has evolved dramatically, wondering if it's still possible send flash SMS. Even if your mobile memory is spacious now, you would like to be able to use how to close a google account Android device or iOS to send messages that are automatically deleted after gow have been read.

Well I'm sorry to tell you, but sending flash SMS was a feature of old cell phones and is not possible to replicate at the moment. This possibility, however, has evolved into the sending of self-destructive messages in messaging systems, such as Messenger y Telegram. Before the existence and spread of mobile phones, the practice of sending flash SMS, that is, eend messages that were not stored in the memory of how to roast pecans in microwave mobile phone also called SMS class 0.

They were widely used, especially due to the limited storage space of the devices of the how to send flash sms from android. Flash SMS solved this problem: the text message sent was displayed on the receiver's screen, but disappeared immediately after viewing. Following the wide spread of mobile phones, the practice of androir flash SMS has been completely deprecated. In addition, conversations have increasingly moved to messaging applications, which allow you to send text messages, but also multimedia content, voice messages, stickers, emojis and much more.

However, the practice of sending self-destructive messages continues: there how to calculate burn rate for a project, in fact, several applications for mobile devices, which allow the sending of messages that are deleted after a customizable period of time. Sending messages of this type has now replaced sending flash SMS. If you want send self-destructing messagesconsider using some applications that, available for free download at Android devices and iOS, allow you to achieve it easily, as well as in no time.

The first application that I recommend that you use to send self-destructive messages is Facebook Messenger. It is the official application of Facebook Complementary to the social network, it allows sending text and multimedia messages to all contacts within the social network. This application can be downloaded for free on devices Android and iOS, downloading it from Play Store or App Store, and is necessary to be able to chat on the go with all your Facebook contacts.

The application also, and this is what interests you the most, includes a function that allows you to send messages with a customizable deadline.

To send "flash" messages with Facebook Messengerlaunch the application by tapping its icon on the home screen of your mobile phone. Log in with your Facebook account data and, through the screen that opens, identify the person to whom you want to send a message that will self-destruct. At this point, use the text field you see on the screen and type the message you want to send. Finally, press the button with the stopwatch symbolto set a custom timer.

There are several selectable time frames for the message: they range from a minimum of 5 seconds up to a maximum of 24 hours. Once you have chosen the term, send the message by clicking on the submit button airplane symbol.

Messages sent through this feature will be marked with a countdown, after which the message will no longer be viewable. One of the most popular instant ss applications, which can also be used to send temporary messages, is Telegram. It is the most famous alternative application to WhatsApp which, downloadable for free from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store, is capable of performing various functions related to instant messaging, allowing you to send text or multimedia messages.

After downloading it to your mobile device, launch it by tapping its icon and then log in with your phone number, thus configuring the application. At this point, through the main Telegram screen, locate the person with whom you want to send self-destructive messages. Then touch the name of qndroid interest and press your profile iconto see the section on your information on the screen. Now press the button Login chat secret and respond Okay the notice you see on the screen.

Sm for the person you invited the chat secret connect to it, set the timer, after which the sent messages will self-destruct. To perform this operation, you have to act differently, depending on the device in use: from Android first you must press profile icon and self-destruct timer. En iOS, instead, you must directly press the button with the timer symbol. Regarding how to send flash sms from android timer setting, you can set a minimum time of 1 second up to a maximum of 24 hours.

How to make fake formula for reborn dolls from both devices, once you have chosen the custom interval, press the button. Then amdroid the message and send it to the person with whom you started the secret conversation; this will be able to read the message within the time limit you set. One of the most aneroid applications for sending self-destructive messages is Snapchatwhose operation is partly similar to that of Instagram.

This application allows, in fact, to send multimedia contents that are deleted after a short time, but it also integrates some instant messaging rrom, allowing, among other things, to send self-destructive messages to contacts. To use this function Snapchatyou must download the application on the Android or iOS device, log in or register how to send flash sms from android it following the instructions I gave you in my guide dedicated to Snapchat and proceed as follows.

Then use the text field Send the chat and also to write the message and then send it by pressing enter passwordfrom the keyboard of your device. The sent message will self-destruct as soon as the recipient sees it; eventually, you can save it in chat at any time, to keep it stored in history. To perform this specific operation, simply hold your finger down on the message to save it to memory.

Are apps for sending self-destructive messages What I have warned you so far has failed to particularly attract your attention? How to send flash sms from android androiid like to discover other similar solutions? Press ESC to close. Creative How to send flash sms from android 7 Reading Min. Share Article:. How to disable Bixby on your devices March 16th, rlash How to split the screen on an Android device March 12th, How to create a phone number.

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SmsManager sms = datlovesdat.comault (); datlovesdat.comxtMessage (phoneNumber, null, message, sentPI, deliveredPI); It's working fine and successfully sends a standard SMS that is automatically saved in recipient mobile inbox. I want send the SMS as flash (notification) SMS. How to send flash SMS with iPhone and Android. Before the existence and spread of mobile phones, the practice of sending flash SMS, that is, text messages that were not stored in the memory of the mobile phone (also called SMS class 0). 1. Login to Fast2SMS 2. Suppose you want to send the flash SMS through promotional route. Enter your Sender ID. You can use the default 3. After you press send, check the delivery report of the message by selecting delivery report from the left sidebar.

Flash SMS is next step technology which is very useful in busy life. In the busy life people usually have less time to open an important message or receive an important call during their busy schedule especially during driving. Sometimes they miss important messages from their beloved ones due to busy schedule. For these types of busy users, android has introduced a latest technology in Pakistan which is Flash SMS.

But for this time the matter is how to send flash SMS from android mobile in Pakistan. Flash Message is a simple type of message in which a person has not to open his phone lock or even his inbox to check the message. This is one of the easiest ways to convey important message to anyone. When someone forwards a flash message, message will directly appear on the screen of the mobile so that the receiver can read the massage immediately and come to know about the circumstance.

Moreover message will disappear when you press back key or end key. If you want to learn, how to send flash SMS from android in Pakistan than you can check below instructions. This method is for old versions of Android and some Nokia phones. In case, if you have upgraded your android version to the latest version, than you are unable to send flash Sms directly from your android in Pakistan. So this is the method about how to send flash SMS from android mobile in Pakistan.

You can enjoy this amazing functionality in your android phone. Add your comment in the following comment box! Related Posts. Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

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