How to smooth your feet at home

how to smooth your feet at home

How to Do a Pedicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps

Mar 26, †Ј Make your own foot soak. There are several types of foot soaks that can help keep your feet soft. Unless otherwise noted, mix the ingredients into gallons ( litres) of warn water in a tub or bucket (large enough for both of your feet to be covered with water). Soak your feet in the mixture for minutes at a time. Aug 07, †Ј Dip the pumice stone in warm water. You can also soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes to soften them. Gently move the stone in a circular or .

Fungal nail infections, cracked heels, and ingrown nails are among the most common foot problems the majority of people face. These and other conditions often cause pain and fatigue and make our feet look unhealthy att unattractive. DIY foot scrubs made of sea salt or sugar oyur exfoliate the skin and make it look healthy and radiant.

Try these recipes for foot scrubs bow olive and coconut oil and essential oils that will contribute to the scrubs benefits.

If you massage fet feet while applying the scrub, it will soothe your feet and release any fatigue you may feel after a long working day. What could be better than a soothing, relaxing, and nourishing foot emooth after a long work day?

Try this DIY mask made of pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and yogurt. The pumpkin will nourish and brighten your skin, cinnamon will soften your skin, and yogurt will kill any bacteria. You cracks are often not serious and can be treated at home. However, there are cases when aat cracks can be caused by medical conditions.

If you suffer from severe heel cracks, you should visit your doctor. A good foot massage will help you get rid of pain and fatigue and make your feet look gorgeous. If you feel pain in your feet, sit in a chair, take a golf or tennis ball, and rub it from heel to toe taking more time to rub the painful areas.

Coconut oil is a perfect natural moisturizer for dry feet. Use coconut oil alone to teet the skin, add some sugar or salt to prepare what word is french for nightingale DIY foot scrub, or add a few drops of essential oils to treat fungus. Keeping your feet dry will help you to prevent fungus and odor. Make sure you dry your feet with a towel after washing or using moisturizers and avoid wearing the same shoes for too long.

How to get beta berserker your feet sweat, try sprinkling some baby powder inside your shoes. Swollen feet is a problem that many of us face after long travels or standing on our feet for too long.

To reduce the swelling prop up your legs or lie on your back with your legs raised and pressed against the wall. If you often suffer from swollen feet and ankles, try wearing how to smooth your feet at home socks which you can buy at any drug store. These socks will release the pain and prevent fluid from collecting in your feet. Ingrown toenails may be caused by traumas, ill-fitting footwear, improper trimming, and other issues.

And, choose shoes yor socks that fit perfectly Ч you should be able to freely move your toes. High heels, uncomfortable shoes, or standing what is the definition of log a long time can make your feet ache. There are a number of ways to soothe your aching feet at home, including soaking your aching feet in a basin of warm water with Epsom salt.

Another way to reduce the stress your feet suffer during the day is to take contrast showers. Hold your feet under running water and alternate one minute of hot water what is american express mission statement one minute of cold water, how to smooth your feet at home the cycle for several times ti ending it with cold water.

Which of these tips would you like to try? Do you have your own tricks on how to make feet how to smooth your feet at home gorgeous? Feel free to share them in the comments! Get rid of toenail fungus naturally. The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar ACV make it a att remedy for toenail fungus. There are a variety of methods to use ACV for fungus treatment.

Keep your feet in this solution for up to 30 minutes depending on how your skin responds to the treatment and pat dry with a towel. Apply a few fwet of lavender essential oil onto affected toenails a night and let it soak while you sleep. You can put on socks to prevent the essential oil from rubbing off.

Continue the treatment for a few weeks until the fungus is gone. Prepare a DIY foot scrub. Try a nourishing foot mask. Get rid of cracked heels. The skin around the heels is usually thicker and dryer than the rest of our skin and we need hoa soak our feet properly in warm, soapy water to get rid of the cracks. Apply a liquid bandage sold in drug stores to seal the cracks and prevent further cracking and infections.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties make honey a good remedy for cracked heels. Use geet as a scrub or apply it as a foot mask. Treat and prevent swelling. Prevent ingrown toenails.

How To Make Your Feet Soft?

Clean and beautiful feet is a delight to the eyes. When our feet are healthy, we tend to show our friends as a way of increasing our self esteem. But when we have hard and dirty feet, we cover it always with socks and shoes so that people would not see our flaws. Scaly feet harbour germs and diseases especially in between your toes leaving your feet with foul smell.

Also, having hard skin under the sole of your feet can bring pain and discomfort. Hard skin breaks easily and can cause bleeding and wounds. No wonder spas offer people pedicure services to help them treat their feet problems. The disadvantage of spa and other pedicure shops is that they offer these services at a very exorbitant rate.

Pedicure is a feet treatment done to eliminate dead skin cells, make the skin of the feet soft and also to make the feet healthy. Some techniques are performed with the application of creams and ointment while others are performed using just simple feet massages. After undergoing a good pedicure session, your feet should look fresh and beautiful.

The time duration for pedicures can vary depending on the condition of your feet. It can last for as much as 40 minutes or even shorter than 15 minutes. Using natural creams and ointment together with a healthy massage provides the best pedicure techniques for your feet.

Here is a list of special home remedies that can help you achieve a soft and beautiful feet. Be rest assured that the ingredients for this remedies are cheap and easy to get. Some can be gotten from your garden while others can be bought from your local supermarket. You can use any of these remedies for your pedicure techniques. Ingredients: for this remedy, you will need a big sized egg and lemon juice, castor oil.

Squeeze out the juice from a ripe lemon fruit and store. Why it works: lemon juice contains essential acids that can soften the skin of the feet. With its antimicrobial properties, it kills germs and stop them from spreading around areas of your feet.

Egg acts as a moisturizer. With essential vitamins that can stimulate new skin growth to replace worn out skin. Castor oil makes feet moisturized and healthy. How to prepare: break the egg and take out the yolk from it. Make sure that the egg white does not mix with it. You may add 1 teaspoon of rice flour to make the consistency thicker. Stir the mixture gently in a bowl and store in a cool environment before use. How to apply: soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes before using this remedy.

Warm water helps to soften the skin and open skin pores for this remedy to work effectively. After damping your feet with a dry towel, apply this remedy all over. Do a deep massage on the ball of the feet and the sole too especially if the skin around this areas are excessively dry. Keep this remedy on your feet for 15 minutes before you rinse. To get better results, continue using this remedy 3 times a week morning and night.

Ingredients : This remedy would require one banana and an avocado. Make sure that the banana is ripe. Unripe bananas contain acid which is harsh for the skin of your feet. Why it works: banana is a great moisturiser to soften hard feet. It also have soothing properties to relieve cracked feet from pain. Avocado contains essential fatty acids that fix dry skin and make it looks beautiful.

How to prepare: chop the banana into pieces and put in a blender. Cut the avocado into two and put one half into the blender too. Blend this mixture and add a little water if the mixture is too thick. After blending, the mixture will appear foamy. Keep it for 10 minutes before use. How to apply: Gently rub this remedy all over your feet and keep on for 20 minutes.

Also Rub in between sides of your toes and nail beds too. After 20 minutes, rinse your feet with clean water. Repeat this remedy only at night for two weeks to get better result. Ingredients: the major ingredient for this remedy is Shea butter. You will also need a pair of socks to cover your feet with. Why it works: Shea Butter helps to retain the moisture of your skin. It also prevent excess dryness thus keeping the skin of your feet supple. How to prepare: Shea Butter comes in handy and already prepared for use.

Just purchase quality Shea Butter from your local beauty supermarket. How to apply: Take a large quantity of Shea Butter and apply all over your feet.

Sometimes, Shea butter could get very hard, you can melt it for easy application on your skin. Do a thorough massage with Shea butter for 5 minutes. Give special attention to the heels. The skin layer there is thick and would require more time before this remedy penetrates its pores. Then cover your feet with the pairs of socks and keep overnight. Do this every night before bedtime. You can even use this remedy as a cream after bathing for your feet problems.

Ingredients: vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly is required for this remedy. You will also need coconut oil. Make sure that the coconut oil is pure and free from any added fragrance.

Why it works: coconut oil has essential minerals and vitamins that serves as food for skin cells. It stimulates the proper turn over of skin cells. Vaseline retains moisture of the skin and returns the skin to its natural condition. How to prepare: take out 1 tablespoon of vaseline and add in a container.

Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and gently turn to make sure that the coconut oil blends with the jelly. Cover the container tightly and store in a cool environment until when you want to use it. How to apply: use this remedy like your regular body cream. Apply it all over your feet and problem areas. Do not forget the spaces in between your toes. Use it often during the day after bathing and before bed time.

Continue for 2 weeks, you will see instant results. You feet will become soft and beautiful. Ingredient: this is a very simple remedy. Pure honey is preferred.

Make sure you get genuine honey from a trusted supplier. Why it works : honey has antiseptic properties. It is also a great moisturiser. It particularly has the ability to heal and soothe cracked skin. Honey also have antimicrobial activities.

This makes honey good to kill germs and other disease causing orgasm on your feet. If you need your feet to become beautiful instantly, then honey is good for you. How to prepare: To effectively use honey for your feet problems, mix a cupful of honey in a bucket containing warm water.

Do this anytime you want to use this honey remedy. How to apply: Dip your feet completely in the bucket containing honey and warm water for 20 minutes. Then use a light sponge to scrub gently the skin of your feet especially around the sole and heels. Do this each night before sleeping at least twice a week. Why it works: with its anti inflammatory properties, oatmeal helps to soothe the skin of your feet. It also closes any gaps that may result on the surface of your heels as a result of excessive dryness.

Olive oil gives your skin a beautiful appearance. How to prepare: put 5 tablespoons of oatmeal in a plate and introduce 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix the contents gently until a paste is formed. If the consistency is a bit sticky, you can add a few drops of olive oil How to apply: begin from the tip of your toes and proceed to the heels, apply this remedy gently.

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