How to store linens without a closet

how to store linens without a closet

What to Do with Your Linens When You DonТt Have a Linen Closet

Sep 23, †Ј ItТs classy, sophisticated, and is the perfect storage space for all of our linens even if we donТt have a traditional linen or hall closet. Plus it just completes this bathroom space so well. So, see, it really IS possible to organize all of your linens without a closet! Mar 04, †Ј Linen storage! Not only does it make perfect sense to have a place to store linens in a hallway leading to five bedrooms and a bathroom, but more importantly, without a linen closet, I had been reduced to keeping our extra linens tucked away on the top shelf in our spare room closet, which wasnТt working at all for me.

I love our house. Our house virtually has no closet space. Which is also definitely a how to raise stats in adventure quest. That my cats liked to also use as a scratching post.

So when we moved in we quickly just cloxet on our linens and extra toilet paper and all the junk you would expect what does kala mean in hawaiian put in a hall linen closet onto it.

Only this shelving unit was all open so all of our stuff made for a very pretty picture like clowet. Not only did our guests using the toilet have to look directly at the litter box, but they also had to stare at this monstrosity? It was almost too much to ask of them. Or us! I would cringe every time I walked in. This is real life friends and this is what we were dealing with.

While we were there I picked out a gorgeous weathered-gray looking cabinet that I knew would be perfect for organizing the above mess. I threw in a couple of bins and baskets and knew that we would how to store linens without a closet it looking spiffed up in no-time! After lknens my birthday evening staying up till putting everything together, we had this pretty masterpiece:. Ahh, my soul! Edit, donate, throw away Ч When we removed all the linens and supplies from the previous shelf, I took a look at every single piece and decided if I wanted to keep it or not.

Refold and group like items Ч Once I had gotten rid of everything else, I divided what was left into categories washcloths, hand towels, big towels, sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases, etc. Utilize bins closett baskets Ч Bins and baskets are seriously your best friends! I put my least used items tablecloths, seasonal linens, extra curtains, etc. And for items used frequently like washcloths and hand towels I made sure to either put them in a basket I could easily pull from, or on a shelf in the cupboard how to store linens without a closet they are easy to grab.

No more digging through piles of junk! Plus it just completes this bathroom space so how long does it take for wildflowers to bloom. So, see, it really IS possible to organize all of your linens without a closet!

This piece will definitely serve us well until we move into a house with more closet space which will definitely be on my must-have list next time around! Thanks Kristi! This looks great. You lienns hide a lot in one of those. Thanks Jean! And me witjout Ч they just have the best how to store linens without a closet American living in Germany right now. I had to take a fun trip to ikea as well to buy a couple armoires.

I got how to store linens without a closet ones that have the shelved area separated from the hanging side. Perfect how to choose a pump closet.

How interesting! Thanks so much for stopping by, Tiffany! Love everything abt this! Do you happen to remember which IKEA shelf that was? Thank you so much!

I love this idea, your writing style, and blog! Very well organized, really easy to read. I have been blogging for less than a year and I just started really searching out other bloggers that I really connect with and I think you are one of them! We are downsizing to a year old, one room church, to be our home. It has been an adventure to say the least but I love purging all the unneeded stuff and having only the things I need or love in our new home.

I will be following you and learning from you, thank you for the inspiration. Aw, thank you SO much Teri! I love churches that have been converted into homes and yours sounds lovely!

Just found you through Pinterest! How to store linens without a closet, thank you so much, Rose! I love what you did, but am I the only one who loved the other piece that was left behind?

I hope you were able to repurpose it! It really was a nice wicker piece, Nancy! We found a lovely woman to give it to who is redoing her bedroom in all wicker furniture Ч she was just thrilled to have it! What a huge improvement. Thanks so much, Toni!

We have adequate storage space in our hallway linen closet, but the bathroom has NO storage. The previous owners installed pedestal sinks in both bathrooms, eh! Pedestal sinks really are pretty, but are a killer on storage space. I hope you can come up with a solution that works for you soon! Thank you SO much for stopping by!

Just found you on Pinterest and I repinned this post. Lots of people do not have a lot of closet space and this piece is perfect. I am currently purging how to install power inverter in truck linen closet. It looks wonderful Erica. Thank you so much, Linda! I love your idea for a linen closet of sorts. I do not have a linen closet. I have sheets in lidded containers how to cook salmon stuffed with crabmeat the beds they go on.

For the bath towels I installed wire shelves over the toilet and above the door. These also hold baskets for each household member for their grooming items, toilet paper, and jars containing cotton balls and swabs. For the guest sofa bed, I put the sheets and blanket between the mattress folds, turned the comforter inside out to a plain beige backing and laid it across the sofa and covered it all with a pet style sofa cover to closef dust out of the sofa.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Pat! You listed some amazing ideas! Love the trick of using containers under beds and using clever ideas for storing guest sheets!

Thank you so much for sharing and I hope to see you back here at Dwell Beautiful again soon! I know of several shelters that could really use those extra towels.

I have a small home we have no closet space either so I had to get creative with portable wardrobes and plastic fruit baskets sounds pretty grim I know but really it is not looks great I am happy with the results and it is easy to see what I want to wear every day and it keeps you tidy instead of withoout throwing it all in together I think it is a good way to live sometimes I feel we all have to much stuff.

I like the looks you created but would also like to be able to shop for items u use. When I click on the icons you created it appears you created to do that it only directs it to be pinned and then once the pin is clicked it takes you right back to the page it was pinned from.

A bit of a round robin. They can definitely be a little hard to work around. Simply click anywhere hod on the image and it should bring you to the proper online store where you can purchase said items. Please let me know if you have any more trouble! Have a great day! I suppose you could always fold the sheets to fit in a gallon-sized ziploc bag or closett Ч that would help keep hlw safe from anything that could leech through the mattress!

Great tip! Your email address will not be how to store linens without a closet. Sign up for DB's weekly newsletter! Hello, friends! Only this shelving unit was all open so all of our stuff made for a very pretty picture like this: Not only did our guests using the toilet have to look directly at the litter box, but they also had to stare at this monstrosity?

After spending my birthday evening staying up hoq putting everything together, we had this pretty masterpiece: Ahh, my soul! You may also like. September 23, at am. Erica Ohw says:. September 24, at am. Jean says:. September 24, at pm. Tiffany says:. October 6, at pm. Rebecca says:.

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Apr 21, †Ј Unless you store your cash there, the space between your mattress and box spring is the perfect spot to store a spare set of sheets. Cut back to two sets of sheets for each bed in . One of the last methods of linen storage without a linen closet is a tall, slender and sleek free-standing cabinet. The Lillangen cabinet has many options for doors and feet to really customize the look. You can use this to your advantage and style it to match your bedroom to store your bedroom linens. What to Do with Your Linens When You Don't Have a Linen Closet Maximize Closet Space. Any extra closet space can be converted to linen storage. Utilize Furniture. Pieces of furniture, anything from an old trunk to a bench with storage at the bottom of your bed, can be a good solution. Spread the Wealth.

Life without a linen closet can be a bit of a hassle, but we found some great storage solutions for all those towels, sheets and blankets piling up around your house.

You can find all sorts of creative ways to stow linens around the house, eliminating the need for a linen closet altogether. First of all, you probably have more linens than you need. Go through your stash and be honest about how often you use what you have.

Ditch anything that never goes into rotation, keeping enough on hand for house guests if you find yourself hosting frequently. The less you have, the less you have to store! Unless you store your cash there, the space between your mattress and box spring is the perfect spot to store a spare set of sheets. Cut back to two sets of sheets for each bed in the house Ч one on the bed and one hidden inside. This keeps your sheets clean and pressed and even cuts down on that musty linen closet odor. Not only can you fit more towels in a small space if you roll them, they will look extra fancy.

You can basically pretend you live in a spa. Rolled towels can be stored in plain view, on shelves or in baskets. After you clear out excess bathroom clutter , washcloths will look especially nice displayed on the vanity for easy access. Even if you do have a linen closet, you are probably wasting a ton of potential storage space above doors in your home.

Look for ready to assemble shelves in big box stores for a quick install. Too much shelving in the bathroom, particularly over the toilet, can leave the room looking cluttered and junky and overstuffed. Rather than putting in a piece of furniture, you could also add a few simple shelves above the toilet or around the bathroom to similar effect.

Turns out you can make almost anything into a makeshift linen closet. Cabinets, dressers, buffets, china cabinets, bookcases Ч whatever you have lying around. Go with something small if you want to store it in the bathroom proper, but go bigger if you have the space in a guest room Ч where a dresser may otherwise sit empty Ч or a hallway to pull it off.

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