How to thaw out frozen soup

how to thaw out frozen soup

How to Reheat Frozen Soup in Instant Pot?

Freezing Soup Guide - How to Store, Freeze & Thaw Soups. Jul 21,  · Soup: Easiest Way to Defrost Frozen Soup Quickly & SafetyFreezing your soup to keep it last once day, you want to eat soup right away and you did.

Ever tried freezing soup in a glass jar and wound up with cracked jars? She said she could and as the day drew nearer, we started what does a microscope look like about what kind of soup we would make and how we would store it in the freezer.

What is minuend in math what??! Her response surprised me. All I had ever read online were success stories of freezing broth and soup in mason jars. I can totally imagine being in her shoes, opening my freezer and grabbing a jar of soup only to find that the glass has cracked. What a waste! Even though she told me of her misfortune, it never occurred to me that there would be helpful information on this very topic online.

But, my friend? She had no desire to find another how to make a fake id montreal of cracked glass in her freezer, so she did her research before soup making day rolled around. When we got together for our soup how to thaw out frozen soup day, she brought her mason jars over along with all the how to thaw out frozen soup for her soups.

Then when she got home, she stuck to those tips again as she prepared to freeze them. I did a little of my own research before I actually stuck the jars of soup in the freezer, but I really should have done some before I made the soup, like my friend.

I think we are both in the clear and can say that our online research paid off. I wrote it over 2 years ago and I still stand by it. However, I do think that freezing soup in mason jars is right up there with it. Why would anyone want to store their soup or broth ghaw glass in the freezer when they can store it in plastic freezer bags?

The main reason is health concerns. Glass is non-toxic while plastic is, well, toxic. Another concern is that plastic can only be used a few how to thaw out frozen soup before you throw it away, but glass can be reused hundreds, if not thousands, of times unless, of course, it breaks.

I have chosen to use mason jars to freeze my put for a different reason, even though the other reasons are quite convincing. I like the fact that one quart-size mason jar holds just enough soup to feed my family for one meal if I serve the soup with something else like sandwiches. My family consists of two adults and three children ages 5, 3, and 1. I tend to follow two general rules:. Once you have made your delicious pot of soup or two!

Before freezing, make sure you label each jar with freezer tape, masking tape, or even washi tape. You can put the date that you made the soup or the date 3 months from then I use the expiration date method so I know when to use my food by.

If you made it this far with your own soup, skup did it! And you can tell all your friends about it, too! I made a video for you to watch right here or you can watch it below.

You see? Well, it happened. I got in my freezer this morning and found a cracked mason jar full of soup. It was all my fault. I knew full well before I put that soup in the freezer that it could crack, but I was over-confident. I had been storing the soup in my fridge for several days before I decided to stick it in the freezer. So, there you have it. If you decide to ignore one of ouf tips above, you might just find a cracked jar of soup in your freezer!

Another thing I wanted to bring up is the fact that you can buy jars frozn for freezing. I never have because I almost always have extra mason jars to use for storing my soup in the freezer.

But if you are worried that your jars might crack, consider buying freezer jars. We did it a second time since then and neither of us have had any cracks. She says she knows it is probably because she switched to using wide mouth jars. Glad to hear it. To be on the safe side, I put my jar into a sandwich bag before freezing. If it cracks, no mess. If the bottle crack, do we have to throw away the broth? Is it possible to save the content?

I am thinking to slowly thaw it and before it is fully thaw, I can start to dig out the content since it is usually sohp gelatin. Would this work? Do I frozne to sieve it to ensure no loose pieces of glass or glass splinters? When my jar broke, I threw the contents and the jar away. Thank you for sharing your tips about using mason jars to store soups and other liquids in the freezer.

I found your information detailed and easy to follow. The soup swap video was fun to watch and inspirational, as well. I especially liked how you ffozen your chopping and assembly steps, from which I also gleaned a few tips. Perhaps a few soup recipe videos still to come?

After having cracked jars previously, I am looking forward to freezing my soup broths in glass mason jars once again. Why can you not freeze soups how to make a toga from a bedsheet have dairy in them?

I have a tomato soup recipe that calls for a very small amount of cream and some feta cheese. Or will it taste funny? You souup definitely freeze a tomato soup with a small amount of dairy in it.

However, it may have a different texture when you thaw and reheat it. If the soup were mostly dairy-based then I would tk not freezing it at all. Hope that helps! I am 70 and have been sup my creamy potato soups, chicken noodle soup, any kind of soup I ever made in mason jars for over 50 years. Neither me or my family ever noticed any difference in taste after freezing. Not sure why your dairy would not taste good.

I came to see comments, because we also have ALWAYS put chicken noodle, creamy tomato, potato soups and every other kind of soups we make in the freezer and they always come out delicious.

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I put my jars in yogurt containers in case my jars cracked and it kept them spaced apart. Thank you so much for how to thaw out frozen soup thhaw. I will how to thaw out frozen soup trying this in fall.

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Cook Frozen Soup on Stovetop

Sep 10,  · How to Freeze Soup Prepare Soup. First things, first, decide on what soup recipe you are going to make. Choose from any of these delicious Freeze Soup. After letting the soup cool completely, pour soup into a freezer safe container. Here are a few things to Reheat Soup. 5/5. Transfer the frozen soup into a microwave-safe container, partially cover and microwave on low heat in 2 minute blasts until the soup has become slushy. Between each blast use a wooden spoon to try and break up the block of frozen soup slightly, so that it thaws evenly. Mar 01,  · There are generally 3 ways you can thaw a mason jar full of soup. You can take the jar out of the freezer days ahead of when you’ll need it and thaw it in the fridge. You can place the jar in cool water (either in your kitchen sink or in a pot) and change the water every 30 minutes.

If you have ever walked down the freezer aisle in the grocery store, you may have seen frozen soup. Typically, soup comes in cans or boxes, but frozen soup in bags is also one vessel for this comforting food.

You can also freeze your own homemade soup and defrost it for later. Like any food that comes frozen, there are multiple cooking and reheating methods to get your icy soup to a steaming hot temperature. While defrosting soup at room temperature is one method, you can also use your microwave oven or stovetop to expedite the process. The microwave is an excellent candidate for cooking frozen soup in bags.

It is quick, easy and still retains many of the nutrients in vegetables. According to Harvard Health Publishing , the microwave is a suitable option for heating vegetables without depleting them of their nutrient content.

Always check the package instructions to microwave frozen soup in bags correctly. In many cases, you can start by defrosting soup at room temperature. This will make it easier to transfer the soup from the bag to a microwave-safe bowl or dish.

After a short while, you can transfer the bagged soup to the microwave to speed the heating process. Depending on whether the soup is frozen or thawed, the microwave time will vary. Frozen soups will require more cooking time in the microwave than thawed soups. Start by heating the soup for 3 minutes and increase the time as needed. For even cooking, stir the soup once per minute. Defrosting soup at room temperature can be time-consuming, so you may prefer a cooking method that does not require that additional step.

Cooking your frozen soup on the stovetop is another option, though this one allows you to jump straight to the cooking process. To cook frozen soup on the stove, you will need a medium-sized saucepan or large stock pot. This depends on how much soup you are cooking.

When choosing your cookware, opt for nonstick pots and pans that are free of man-made chemicals like perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS. According to the Environmental Protection Agency , these chemicals commonly found in cookware have been linked to serious health complications. Once you've secured your cookware and frozen soup, heat the pan on a medium setting.

Stick your freezer bag under water for a few minutes, and your frozen soup should easily slide out, suggests the Michigan State University Extension. Add the soup and a splash of water to the pan to prevent burning. When the soup reaches a boil, reduce it to a simmer until thoroughly cooked.

Soup can be part of a healthy, balanced diet, and there are many types of soup to choose from. Vegetable soups are an excellent way to meet your required amount of vegetable servings per day.

To ensure your frozen soup is a healthy one, Harvard Health Publishing recommends avoiding soups that are high in:. If possible, make your own homemade soup and freeze the leftovers. You can use the same cooking methods for homemade soup as you can use to reheat frozen soup in bags.

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Lacey Bourassa. Lacey Bourassa is a freelance health writer based in Southern California. She specializes in fitness and nutrition. Lacey also holds a B. Visit her at WrittenbyLacey. Frozen soup makes a quick meal when you're short on time.

Microwave Frozen Soup in Bags. Cook Frozen Soup on Stovetop. Eat More Soup. Saturated fat Sodium Sugar Calories.

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