How to use rumble ult

how to use rumble ult

Use Ooze + Ult to Clear Minions: If you use Void Ooze on the caster minions, the execute bonus of the ultimate will proc on them, allowing an instant clear on the minions at later ranks of Void Ooze. Deter Enemies With Ooze + Ult: Unless your opponent is very squishy, you should largely be using poke as a form of deterrence rather than a form. Sion is fun as hell. His abilities are fun to use and while you don't need to be a mechanical genius they aren't completely braindead. His ult is one of the most annoying and enjoyable abilities in the game and there's so much you can do with it. Beyond his kit, there's a .

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Thank You! Stream is Offline. Runes: Inspiration. Spells: Barrier. Items Start. Tear of the Goddess Health Potion 2. Void Staff Demonic Embrace. Example Finished Build. Caustic Spittle Q. Bio-Arcane Barrage W. Void Hse E. Living Artillery R. Aquaired Skillset space Hi! Join our community of off-meta fellas! Play Video. Pros and Cons. Pros Gets exponentially stronger as the match continues Prevents damaged opponents from fleeing fights Reliably farms creeps from a distance Hwo due to several HP-granting items Able to duel anyone how to use rumble ult game Powerful objective defender.

Atrociously weak early game Has low mobility Low impact until Level 11 Damage is sustained rather than bursty Pathetic objective controller Neverending greed for mana. The Barrage Limit. Distributing Death in Moderated Concentrations "Barrage Limit" is a too that will be repeated throughout the guide several times, and for good reason!

Shooting 1 ult is a ro 40 mana, but shooting a full barrage of 10 bullets requires an enormous how to use rumble ult, mana. This poses a problem. Continuing to fight requires constantly shooting, but constantly shooting drains mana. To maximize your time poking, you need to shoot just enough that your mana regen will have replenished more than the mana expended when your artillery stacks reset to 0, accounting for ult cooldown and Tear's mana refund.

Critical Knowledge. Scroll to the bottom of this section if you want the short version. Mobility Increases Offense, to a Point. Ability Haste Barely Helps Barrages. Skill Order. Kogmawbilities E. Kogulated Rune Choices How to use rumble ult Spellbook.

Unsealed Spellbook is basically picked because Arcane Comet isn't good bow on a build ot barely exceeds AP most games, and AP Kog isn't super interested in bursting targets down with stuff from Domination.

But even on its own, Spellbook is a great keystone. It offers an extended early laning phase with Teleport and Clarity. It allows for defensive choices to replace Barrier ro cooldown like Heal and Exhaust. It adds an additional mobility spell for Flash on cooldown with Ghost. While not the ideal rune in a vacuum, it is superior to the keystones in other trees. Magical Footwear. Biscuit Delivery. Another great rune for AP Kog, allowing the initial laning phase to last much longer without having to return.

Handily beats the alternatives also Future's Market Minion Dematerializer. Plus, Kog has gotta eat too. Cosmic Insight. Even though AP Kog has no active items, the summoner spell cooldown is surprisingly useful. Shaving off almost a minute from the Flash cooldown is generically useful, more than the meager comparative benefits offered by Time Warm Tonic.

Approach Velocity initially seems like it would synergize well with Kog'maw's slow and ult with Rylais. But hlw practice, I wasn't even getting 30 seconds of hasted movement from it over the course of long matches. At the beginning of the guidewe established the priorities Kog has. More details about the Resolve tree are listed in the Conditioning box above and even more is detailed below. Of the remaining minor runes, Overgrowth adds the most sheer durability, compounded on top of all the HP that AP Kog gets from what is envelope adhesive made of items.

I've tested UnflinchingFont of Lifeand Demolish in-game rather extensively, but ultimately was unable to make enough use out of them. Their effects were ultimately too situational to make a difference in most games. Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist. AP Kog'maw doesn't really like AP that much. Regardless, the AP shard allows AP Kog to always clear the caster minions at level 6 instead of level 7, making it worthwhile over the AH. The defensive shards can be swapped how to increase testerone naturally according to matchups, though having a little mix of both is pretty nice.

Summoner Spells. Flash helps equalize the field. When flash is how to use rumble ult cooldown, this is your second equalizer against flash-combos.

It also makes it exceedingly hard to get tower dove. AP Kog's whole paradigm is surviving through the early game, which Barrier solidly assists with. All three are useful too, but Barrier is more useful during the laning phase. The movement speed bonus from Ghost doesn't help for early lane survivability, and for a similar reason the movement speed bonus from Heal doesn't justify the higher cooldown.

Exhaust is excellent for survival, but mathematically its damage reduction isn't as impactful as the Barrier shield early, mainly when at low health. All three are great options to switch to with Unsealed Spellbook however. Build Order. Priorities in Practice At the beginning of the guidewe established the priorities Kog has. Create Item Set. Damage Efficiency: We once more allude to the priorities mentioned at the beginning of the guide. Not Recommended. That's Off the Chain When Kog how to use rumble ult Rylais, they gain access to one of their most powerful and flashy tricks: chaining.

Chaining is using CC to ult a target back-to-back with Living Artillery. Normally, chaining is hard. An opponent is able to dodge Living Artillery simply by stepping outside of the landing spot. But with Rylais, if Kog lands just one artillery, it almost guarantees that the next artilleries will land. This forces two decisions: get hit by yet another ult or momentarily stop. Stopping is no safety. A person who has to momentarily stop has put themselves closer to Kog. If they stop sufficient times, Kog will be able to reliably land an ooze-spittle combo, hwo wounded opponents almost instantly.

Chain opponents down to secure kills how to winter over fuchsias teamfights or on fleeing opponents. Stage of the Game. Rank 0 - Feeble Mortar Mimicry.

Thank You!

Lulu the Fae Sorceress Ranked #17 out of 39 in Support Discover all Support champions who counter Lulu. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Lulu in League of Legends and win in Champion Select! Lulu Data for all roles taken from , 3, 39, , matches. Jul 25,  · -I want to use another character against you or your character. Switching characters after 1 match (close game, they lose) [Common-ish]-This was not my best character and I now want to try with my better character(s). Switching characters after a number of matches [Common]-I'd prefer to play a character(s) I use less often now.-Now I shall use.

CounterStats provides valuable counter picking insights for League of Legends players. Play smart with our LoL champion counters. All Rights Reserved. No results found. Lulu Counter Stats. Lulu Data for all roles taken from , 3, 41, , matches.

Lulu Builds Lulu Stats. Like a bad Janna but with more utility and less protection. Dodge her Q to avoid her poke and keep tabs on her W, as she can't speed up an ally and CC you.

Likewise, she can't shield an ally as well as damage you with pix. Making her kit nice for choice, but bad for multiple fronts. Her ult is single target disengage god tool. It makes the target huge, knocking up nearby enemies AND boosts their max health by a chunk which is basically a heal if the target isn't max HP.

Don't fight with extended trades and 4th shot when her shield is down or when she's not expecting it. Mix it up a little. She has relatively short range so if she plays too aggressively you can punish her with rockets. Challenger Jinx Guide by kingamazin Jinx Player. She can polymorph you before you have the chance to charge your Q, leaving you with a high cooldown and no damage. Additionally, she can shield a lot of your poke and her ultimate can be really hard to kill enemies through.

However, your damage to her in most builds is typically enough to kill and you have percent max health damage which can be helpful with her ultimate. You also have a lot of range for an ADC and decent poke, and can catch her out fairly well with your ultimate so long as your support can follow up due to her polymorph only being able to help her with one person.

She's especially strong with high attack speed and range champions like Twitch with his ultimate and Kog'Maw with his W. Draven For all by Gokinaf Draven Player. Her shield, polymorph and R can neglect lot of your damage. If she is great with Vayne. Very strong late game. Profesor APH. Diamond Aphelios Player. Sacrifice everything if it means you can kill it, rat champion.

Guidelines for a Vayne Main. It just ruins kalista's mobility and the enemy adc can strike. But overall she is easy to kill.

Her ult will make it harder to burst targets down, but generally it shouldnt be too problematic. For therapy.

Now that i think about it i would rather take my life than being in therapy with Lulu. Her W can stop your ult and she can shield her allies to nullify your Q poke, but that's about all you need to worry about.

Watch out for her R, she can make her ADC in a beast with a lot of life. She's a good target though. She counters you with polimorph even if she doens't use it when you ult, she will delay your passive a lot.

Look for engages from your support and play safe, respect her poke. Polymorph, her shields, guardian, and her ultimate all make it nearly impossible to kill her and get a lead off her. This can make it really difficult to deal with her. However, laning phase should be very easy.

You need to play around her polymorph if you can and rely on your support to keep even in lane. Care for her Polly cuz if you are pollied at the wrong time you are literally useless and you will lose the trade because of it. She can make it hard to kill people, but she can't poke as well.

Lulu with a hyper carry can be nasty though. Don't forget about her slow and polymorph - this is the main problem in playing against her! Dont get harrased and try to pick her or her adc, she wont shield enough for the big incoming damage after whole combo. Remember her ult: Shields cant secure mates of Pykes ult, but the HP-raise does! Soraka's hurricane. It really depends on who she is with. If it is an AD Carry that likes her Ult, then Lulu will stomp you and hat spin on your grave happened to me.

She isn't too good with SOME casters. She is a 3 because it can really go either way. Bait her shields, dodge her poke, and try not to get hit by Polymorph when you skirmish or all-in. Nyahr Kai'Sa Player.

As said she has a polymorph which can really make it annoying for you when you are trading. Be careful of when she reaches level 6 as she unlocks her ultimate which is game changing especially in trades and teamfights. If you don't, the enemy ADC is harder to kill. So focus them if you see them. CC mages like Lulu as well, are irritating. If they're squishy, focus them. If not, focus the ADC and play around them.

There are some exceptions like Morgana, Alistar and Rakan. If you don't have QSS for her poly you will die. Season 9. Provides peel and can basically stop you from doing anything that normally saves your life using your W or portals.

Even worse with a Draven or a Caitlyn. Be the Carry! Try 2 bait her E with your last hit and attack the other Target counterplay possible! Go get your LP! Who need ADC when you can play Mordekaiser? Her shield denies alot of damage, she has high poke potential and when she transforms you into a squirtle, you're useless.

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