What is a lightscribe enabled drive

what is a lightscribe enabled drive

How To LightScribe Ц A LightScribe DVD Drive

Mar 27, †Ј The LightScribe disc drive prints, or etches, a user-created label on the back of a recordable LightScribe CD or DVD. The back of a LightScribe disc is covered with a thin dye coating. As the LightScribe laser etches the images and text of your label design onto this coating, a chemical change occurs and the areas etched turn a dark gray color. The image shows no LightScribe logo but the reviews by buyers say it is a LightScribe drive. Read the reviews on Amazon to check for yourself.. Please Note: Although there is nothing wrong with re-fitting an internal drive, I have done it many times, these days I would always advise you to buy an external USB LightScribe DVD Drive.

The bad news is yes but whwt you do not already have one the good news is they are inexpensive to buy and you have a choice - A replacement Internal LightScribe drive or an External USB LightScribe drive. This is accomplished by the use of an additional circuitry drve enable the laser that normally would burn the data, video etc to be used to burn an image instead. In fact the visibility of a LightScribe Drive Sensor is often the only enqbled to recognize if your notebook has a Lightscribe drive installed.

Most major dvd drive manufacturers now produce a LightScribe DVD drive and what college courses should i take to become a lawyer the five years or so I have been using LightScribe I have personally used a number of these. Coupled with feedback from LightScribe Toolbox customers I would like to suggest these as my top three what country is nassau in. However and this may just be because of the number in use I'm not suggesting how to build a large bird aviary you have a working HP LightScribe drive you should change it but if it ever goes wrong except if it is in a notebook try either a LG, Liteon or Samsung Lightscribe drive instead.

As for recognition of an internal LightScribe drive, the presence of the LightScribe logo on what is a lightscribe enabled drive front is lighfscribe enough, see below:.

This makes these great for someone who has a laptop where the changing of the drive for a LightScribe one would be enabler. I recommend these wholeheartedly. So to the future srive LightScribe labeling Lightscribe drives are already available with Blu-ray burning capacity. As yet no Blu-ray LightScribe media is available but this is just a matter of time. An iis of one such drive is this:. Now you have decided on your LightScribe drive, what is next in our list of 'must haves' to create your LightScribe Labeling System?

LightScribe System Software. LightScribe Labeling Software. LightScribe Media. LightScribe Basics. Darker LightScribe Labels. Top of Page. Some of our recent Customer Feedback Burning the label was easy, even for a novice lightscrie me.

Everything I needed was in the toolbox. I am excited about being able to burn directly to the disc!! No more paper labels for me!! Thanks for such a priceless toolbox. Audrey Cato. Texas - USA. Dear Steve, Great product lighttscribe so easy to use. Whqt got more for my money that I was expecting.

Merrimack - USA. As a photographer LightScribe is a marketing tool. Ligytscribe product has just saved the day! Sharon Orienter. Rochester - USA.

I got the what is iot hidden menu what is a lightscribe enabled drive it works great, I love it. I couldn't be more happy. Thanks for the great price too, nowadays money is tight, but 17 dollars for software that includes so much, and so easy lightscrine use is worth every penny. Thanks again. You can quote me if you enbled. Janet Menchyk - USA. Dear Steve.

Got your product. WOW works great and sooooo easy. Best 17 bucks I have spent in a long time. Jim Smith Ч USA. Hi Steve. Thanks for helping me out. I now saved the link in my favourites as you ehabled instructed, and have successfully loaded the software. It is wonderful how to download flash player files easy to use, thanks for making it simple for the non-tekkie!

Don Kiefiuk Ч USA. Thank you for the professional site. It was a really great experience to see something so easy, direct and informative. You really have hit the mark. Tom Karl Ч USA. Hi Steve.

It's products like yours that make using my computer a lot more enjoyable! I was burning my first LightScribe disc label about 20 minutes after I got home. Thanks for the disc tip, the next time I buy disc, I'll be sure to get Verbatim. Dennis Coleman Ч USA. Now thanks to lightscribbe and this superb software I am merrily printing away.

Many, many thanks and keep how to install a tubeless tire on a lawn tractor the great work. George Douglass - UK.

Product is great; worked exactly as advertised. Money well spent. Peter Macey Ч USA. Installing your stuff put the driver back in and now even my Nero software finds it. Thanks a bunch! Patrick Davis Ч USA. Thanks for the email. I have not had a chance to scour it all, but I was able to create a quick disk that looked awesome, so thanks for everything. Your toolbox has everything anyone would ever dream of needing to make some awesome LightScribe labels, I just loved it.

I personally think its well worth the investment, times over. Pat What is a lightscribe enabled drive - USA.

I couldn't be happier. Thanks a million. Charlie Scott - USA. I have just scribed my 1st CD label - Lightscriibe idiot what is a lightscribe enabled drive. If I managed to use it so can anyone! Thank you.

Belinda Chalk Ч UK. Very nice lightscrib Exactly what I was looking for! Edward Adams Jr. I am delighted with your software. Manfred Ahrensmeier Ч RSA. Steve I just want to let you know that I received the CD. I had no problem installing the software. Thank you for the refund of the Liightscribe Download. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thank You! Hector Barrientos.

Abilene - USA. Your software works simply awesome! I burned a pretty complex background and it was so simple. I can't what is a lightscribe enabled drive to get more elaborate with it! I will recommend this to anyone I know with a lightscribe drive! Chuck Hammond - USA.

Internal LightScribe Burners

LightScribe Drive/Burner Options. As you can see from the image at the top of this page, LightScribe drives come in 3 types (excluding LightScribe Duplicators Ц I will get to them later) Desktop Internal Drives. External СPoweredТ USB Drives. Slimline External USB Drives. Burner Options in . Oct 03, †Ј How To LightScribe The LightScribe Enabled DVD Drive. This video is the 1st of 3 videos following on from: СHow To LightScribe Ц What You Need To Make A LightScribe LabelТ. It explores the following: 1: The differences between СNormalТ and LightScribe DVD Drives 2: How to recognize a СLightScribeТ drive. The other videos in this.

Along with the associated questions about discs: Where can I buy a LightScribe drive? Followed by, What are my options and what advice would you give? Are the subjects of emails I receive on an almost daily basis. As you can see from the image at the top of this page, LightScribe drives come in 3 types excluding LightScribe Duplicators Ч I will get to them later.

As far as I know if you know differently, please let me knowЕ there are no physical stores that sell LightScribe drives anymore, you can only get them online and then only from a few places.

To my knowledge once again, please if you know different tell me the only two places to reliably but LightScribe Burners or Discs are Amazon and eBay. I have used both sites myself with great success and have always encouraged others to check them out to get the best deal even when we could get stuff in stores , so nothing has change with that.

Also, the images are there to represent a type of LightScribe Drive; the specific model may or may not be available when you check the stock yourself. As desktop PCs, let alone desktop LightScribe burners become scarce the choices for Internal drives become ever more limited. The image shows no LightScribe logo but the reviews by buyers say it is a LightScribe drive. Read the reviews on Amazon to check for yourself.

Firstly because of the choice Ч Far more external LightScribe drives are available and, for me this is the main thing, you can move them from PC to Laptop etc. So you have a much more flexible labeling setup. I have two LG External drives like this and they have been excellent. In your best option for both choice and value is to go for a LightScribe DVD drive in our last category:.

Please Note: These are the same search results as above. Frankly, these are expensive and are only of use if you need to produce LightScribe labels in semi-industrial quantities. To put this in perspective, I have produced somewhere in the region of 20, LightScribe discs over the last 12 years, which works out to be about 4 a day on average.

After that you can get anything from 2x to 15x or more. As stated above, if you want to copy your LightScribe discs without needing to use your PC then this is a great solution. You can just pop a new disc in and copy it as you are working on your PC with no effect on what you are doing. Produplicator is the top flight of duplicators. Now we are starting to see the real benefit of using a LightScribe Duplicator as you get 3 copies at a time.

This starts to make sense as creating 3 LightScribe labels 1 by 1 will take anything up to minutes depending on the software used. So if you have a small recording studio, get yourself one of the above. A lot of folks who buy my LightScribe Toolbox, ask if they can install the software on both a PC and their Laptop, so having a portable LightScribe Burner makes so much sense. As always, if you have any questions please Contact Me and I will be glad to help.

Amazon and eBay To my knowledge once again, please if you know different tell me the only two places to reliably but LightScribe Burners or Discs are Amazon and eBay. So, moving swiftly onЕ. They are still available used. But with all used technology you have to exercise caution.

Here is a current example on Amazon:. What I said about Internal drives regarding choice applies here too. Spartan Champion 1x Duplicator As stated above, if you want to copy your LightScribe discs without needing to use your PC then this is a great solution.

Spartan 1x Duplicator. So if this is a time saving you are looking for here is a good option: Produplicator 1 to 3 Duplicator. You can swap it from your PC to Mac to laptop and back again. I hope this has been useful and you go on to find the perfect LightScribe drive for your needs. Happy ScribingЕ.

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