What is the meaning of psc

what is the meaning of psc

What is a PSC?

Definition; PSC: Public Service Commission: PSC: Printer Scanner Copier (Hewlett-Packard) PSC: Production Sharing Contract: PSC: Police Service Commission (various locations) PSC: Persons with Significant Control (UK) PSC: Product Safety Committee (various organizations) PSC: Program Support Center (US DHHS) PSC: Permanent Split Capacitor (electric motor) PSC. PSC Abbreviation for: Pediatric Symptom Checklist peptide-sensitive channel peripheral stem cell Pharmaceutical Services Committee posterior semicircular canal posterior subcapsular cataract Postmarket Strategies Committee Primary Service Co-ordinator primary sclerosing cholangitis primary synovial chondromatosis primitive stem cells.

A Permanent What stores are in the new outlet mall in okc Capacitor PSC Motor is a type of single-phase AC motor; more specifically, a type of split-phase induction motor in which the capacitor is permanently connected as opposed to only being connected when starting. A number of different types exist for single-phase induction motors. Such motors are called "capacitor start motors" to reflect the use of a capacitor for this purpose.

The category also includes motors in which the capacitor remains connected at all times not just when starting and these are called how to add drop shadow run motors" tye "permanent capacitor motors". To use a single-phase power supply available in residential homes to drive a motor, there is a need for a mechanism to start the motor rotating.

A PSC motor does this by having separate main and secondary windings as shown in the diagramwith the main winding connected directly to the power supply and the secondary windings connected via a capacitor. When the power supply is turned on, the current flows first in the main winding and then, with a short delay due to the capacitor, in the secondary winding.

This difference in the main and secondary winding currents takes the form of a phase difference meaning their waveforms are offset from ps another on the time axis pssc, causing the peak magnetic field to alternate between the two windings and thereby generating a torque that starts the motor rotation. His discovery was that, when a magnet is rotated adjacent to a disk of non-magnetic material a metal such as copper or aluminum that is not attracted by a magnetthe disk also starts to rotate along with the magnet.

At end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla, recognized as what is the meaning of psc of the main proponents of the alternating current AC electricity system, invented the first practical induction motor and established the associated technologies, leading to the extensive uptake of AC motors in industry.

Nowadays, however, electronically commutated EC motors have become commonplace in a wide range of fields, being both more efficient and easier to use than single-phase induction motors. While capacitor pssc are practical and easy to use, EC motors thf come to be widely used in a diverse range of applications due to advantages that include superior energy efficiency and easier control of speed and other aspects of motor performance.

The following table lists the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of motor. Easy to control with excellent operational characteristics in terms of ease and flexibility of speed and torque adjustment.

While the ability what is the meaning of psc PSC motors to run on familiar single-phase power has led to their widespread use in areas like the common household, mraning scale factories and agriculture, the use of EC motors has increased in recent years.

What is a stepper motor? What is an actuator? How do brushless DC motors work? The need for a drive circuit explained. Contact us. Three-phase: The type of power supply generated at power plants and supplied to factories and other industrial loads.

Capacitor: An electronic device that mexning able to accumulate and discharge electrical what is the meaning of psc, also known historically as a condenser. An alternative design of single-phase induction motor that does not use a capacitor is the shaded-pole motor. In addition to capacitor start motors, two other single-phase induction motor designs that do not require a capacitor to generate a starting torque are the split-phase induction motor and the shaded-pole motor.

PSC motors EC motors Configuration Simple More complex because of the need for a control module Speed and torque Difficult to control Easy to control with excellent operational characteristics in terms of ease and flexibility of speed and torque adjustment Reliability As long-term use affects capacitor life, therefore maintenance is time-consuming Being brushless, can remain in use for a long time without maintenance Efficiency Low efficiency due to energy losses from heat generated in capacitor Not only efficient, but the use of a controller reduces power consumption when off-peak Response Speed adjustment is difficult with slow response Fast speed control response Whzt and vibration High Low Cost Low High.

Air conditioning Home appliances Water heaters and burner units Environmental equipment Bathroom products Vending machines Freezer and refrigerator display cabinets ATMs, bill change machines, foreign exchange machines, ticket vending machines Clean rooms Optical products Printers Copiers Healthcare equipment Commercial equipment.

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What is a PSC, and why does it matter?

PSC definition: 1. abbreviation for primary sclerosing cholangitis 2. abbreviation for primary sclerosing. Learn more. Looking for the definition of PSC? Find out what is the full meaning of PSC on datlovesdat.com! 'Public Service Commission' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. A Person of Significant Control (PSC) is anyone that exerts a significant influence or control over a company. They are identified as a PSC if they meet any of the following criteria: Hold more than 25% of a share in a company or have the right to participate in more than 25% of the surplus assets of an LLP.

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